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  1. I need a new slot for an existing set. New slot: 2020-S Reverse Proof American Innovation Mass Telephone This slot needs to be added to the AI Coin Dollar Collection 2018-2032 Complete Set. This set is only for proof and reverse proof sets. I actually have two sets and there is a slot for this AI Mass Telephone coin in the MS, Proof and Reverse Proof Complete set. I just received my AI Mass graded coin and added it to this set but could not for the above set since there was no slot. Don't know if I accidentally deleted the slot or what happened. I looked around in the
  2. Thanks for the NGC Registry awards for 2020. In 2019 I was awarded #1 set in a category for one set. For 2020 I received 5 awards. I am all smiles. Thank you for the awards and all those people that worked to evaluate all those sets. Thanks again and have a great year. Del Mineard Jr
  3. Hello, I just received three 2020-S Silver Eagle Proof coins today and due to their newest I discovered the pictures/images are not available and none of the Silver Eagle slots are set up in the different Silver Eagle competition sets. At least I was able to confirm that the slabs are legitimate. Please follow up so I can add these coins to my sets. Thanks. 2020-S Silver Eagle $1, FDI, PF 70 Ultra Cameo 6078225-030 2020-S Silver Eagle $1, FDI, PF 70 Ultra Cameo 6078226-080 2020-S Silver Eagle $1, FDI, PF 70 Ultra Cameo 6078227-080 All three have special hand signed
  4. All these items were purchased within the last year or 18 months. Was not aware that large bulk submissions do not have photographs taken. That probably is the issue. I believe I understand how to upload my own image and appreciate you sending me those instructions. I'll check that out. I did receive two colorized BB coins today in the mail, with low population numbers (178 and 63) and no pictures. I'll give it a week to see if they will be made available. Otherwise, I will photograph them. These are key to my registery set and puts me in completion for the first or second plac
  5. Hello, I have eight missing images. When I click on update the image, I get this error message: Error message: Sorry, No NGC Image is Available. Here is the table of missing NGC and PCGS images: # Slot Description Grade Cert # Competitive Set 1 2015 MS NGC MS 70 3983967-347 Silver Eagles, 1986-Date, Mint State, Specimen, & Proof (Including Varie
  6. Please set up a new set for the following coin and others to follow. Thanks. 2019 Buffalo at the Castle National Zoo Commemorative 1 ounce Silver - Smithsonian Institution private issue. NGC# 4869612-070 Thanks. Del
  7. Thanks you for the suggestion about using the Custom NGC Registry set. Del
  8. Please consider this request for a new competitive set for the 2020 50th Anniversary Robbins Medal Restrike. The two coins I would like to add to this set are: NGC #6012145-049 MS 70 1 ounce Apollo 13 Robbins Restrike, Platinum with Space flown materials NGC #5840548-175 MS70 2 ounce Apollo 13 Robbins Restrike, Silver with Space flown materials. Suggest set name: Modern Commemorates Robbins Medals, 1970 - Date, Complete This would provide a set for individuals with the new Robbins metals restrike and the original Robbins metal from 1970. I took a stab at the set name, any