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  1. The images are not clear because the camera has poor resolution ... it does not have a USB microscope ... I searched for it a lot and did not find it in my country, nor do I have a friend in any country to buy the micro ...
  2. It is not the wealth that you think you are a master .. The wealth that I mean is a decent life that I do not ask anyone to give me money when I sometimes need 5 dollars to buy a treat or to eat to eat ....
  3. See MR MarkFeld ... The master VKurtB always tells the truth Even if it has no value without hurting the feelings of the person who owns the coin ... mr MarkFeld, I am a poor person, and I have always been trying for 6 years to searching to find something of value in order to live with dignity .. But I will never give up, I will always come forward
  4. can be this cent double die please see the data 1969 he show true doubling
  5. Hello everyone There is a head printed on on the face of LINCOLN , I don't know what .. Because I had tried to remove it by traditional methods such as soap and hot water, to no avail
  6. hi friends i want your opinion and how can be worth
  7. Hello everyone I want everyone to estimate how likely grades are at NGC COIN and how avrage worth