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  1. Would you like to see the date finally? It is not an old penny by any means.
  2. Not sure what that is, but here is another pic
  3. I liked it, so going to keep it..
  4. It probably is. I'm messing with some people here. The whole front and back, as far as letters go are like that. Along with date and MM.
  5. Is it a ddr, is it a restamp? No, I wont say year, or mint. I have plenty of other pics of this penny i found roll hunting last night.
  6. Then guess the penny. Ddo, ddr?
  7. I never got an S. Live too far away from any of the mints actually. I did find a D that is strange looking though. Having someone look at pics before I post it, if it is worth posting.
  8. Besides, I'm looking for key dates, weights, double ear, cam, wam, along with many other things and especially wheats. I love finding those. No matter what date.
  9. I'm not obsessing over doubling. If something catches my eye then I look closer. If it looks doubled then i ASK about it. I dont announce that i have a ddo or a ddr if I'm not sure. I'm asking for help when i dont know the answers.
  10. We haven't seen eye to eye on many issues. I do wish you would stop bringing up writing a book on what not to look for. I do find that very rude. Isnt that why I am here? To learn...
  11. Know this isnt supposed to happen on a 92, but errors do happen. If you look at liberty; you can actually see where it was double stamped along with date and mint mark. On reverse top of memorial building has what appears to be an extra top line. Maybe I'm just fishing, but would someone with more knowledge take a look and let me know what you see?
  12. What do you suppose it is then
  13. Not sure if you can see it or not in the pics, but the front of his coat looks doubled at the top. About half way down.
  14. Is it a 1985, 1982? Were chemicals used on it; looks like it. On date anyway, not on liberty.
  15. Found while rolll searching. Not sure if purposely taken off or what. Please look and any inspections or advice is appreciated. Also liberty is barely legible. And is that ddr on united states.
  16. 1950 wheat penny, but look at the 0 in the date. Thoughts. There is no residual from where it could've been struck and moved to be flat on the right side.
  17. Yes, it is stamped like this. Only the middle is raised. So, seeing as how I am still pretty new to all of this... what does all that mean? It is a mint error, and would that make it worth keeping or having it looked at?
  18. The mint mark. Almost looks like its reversed as far as it punched the middle, but not the actual D itself.