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  1. left ankle missing. At least part of it. Wont let me upload any more pics due to size.
  2. Extra talon? Look at back of furthest talon. Is that a fourth?
  3. Is this pmd? Unum is touching eagle head. Almost looks smashed or like it's been struck by something.
  4. I was really looking at the columns, especially the tops. How far down they go.
  5. Scroll up and look at the 77 I posted.
  6. First column for sure is lower than the rest, also cud marks you can plainly see in last pic. Again, any help or ideas or comments are appreciated.
  7. Same as 84 but on opposite end. Last column is lower. Aslo, why is the G in "FG" so much larger than the G?
  8. First few columns at the top seem to be much lower than the rest of them. Have a few like this. Is this the case for most '80s pennies?
  9. "IGWT" has top part into rim of penny. Normal for an '87?
  10. Is this what you are referring to, coat touching his hair?
  11. Wouldn't let me rotate them. Sorry they are sideways.
  12. These arent new, but 2 of my favorites. Especially the 77
  13. Cud cover almost 1/3 of the obverse of the penny. That's my thought anyway. How about your thoughts?
  14. Not sure if this is just cud, or what. That's why I'm asking for some advice.
  15. I haven't seen any without a neck yet. I usually dont look at such new pennies, but this one caught my eye for some reason.
  16. Right now its sitting in my box to keep. I was just curious as to "need a penny, take a penny" so to speak. I've never seen one like it, and it is very neat looking.
  17. The rest of the penny is fine, only the words are like this.
  18. Found while roll hunting. Not sure what to make of it. Was told it could be double disturbance something lol. Take a look for yourself. Couldn't see it without my larger magnifier.
  19. It's still just a spender though correct? By the way, here is the date.