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  1. BIE cud error. I'm shocked I found one.
  2. A 1906 indian head penny is supposed to weigh 3.11g. Mine only weighs 2.94g. Is it a fake? I can post pics if need be
  3. Would love to have seen dcam. But still happy with what I got. Pics taken under protective plastic. Dont want to handle them without gloves even though ik they arent valuable.
  4. Finally decided to buy my first proof set. 1981s type 2
  5. They are great to look at and searching for some of them and just holding them is great for me
  6. Please go in order from top then to the right then center.
  7. 8 coins help with any is appreciated. Only enough room for 1 pic.
  8. Any info is appreciated. Eyes are tired of looking at coins lol.
  9. Those 2 pics we're almost 4.3 and max is what; 4.9
  10. I actually have several of the same type of coin. 1 may be better than the other. I'm worried about the max size of pic. If it will fit
  11. Too many to go through in one night please watch for my posts and comment.
  12. Have MANY MANY more to go through. Some almost feel line hardened plactic.
  13. Got 2lbs of foreign coins that I may need help identifying. Any help is appreciated. Here is first one. Spent well over 2 hours trying to find this coin idk if it is a fake or real.
  14. Many things to look at. Needing as much input as I can get please. Ideas or thoughts? Any ddo or ddr? The "O" on one cent upper left, the point on the scroll looks different than others I've seen.
  15. Looking closer at pic looks more like a 45. When I looked at it, couldve sworn it showed 43.
  16. 1943 copper. Owner wont come off of it though. Not in the best shape by any means, but just to say I have it would be great.
  17. Nvm doubled checked and supposed to look like that.
  18. Above the "N" in one cent. Either it's been worn off, it just wasnt or isnt there. Also bar in same spot goes further down than the rest.