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  1. Actually whole chin bone area. Noticed when I took better pics. Look close. You will see what I see hopefully
  2. Better pics above, thoughts or comments?
  3. I will get a better pic in just a few mins.a clear one.
  4. Ik toning can add that extra value. I watch the auctions lol. Last one was all about the toning. By the way, in the bag. Just to help with shifting of the coins from getting damaged.
  5. Stuffed tightly, not air tight. With my wheats.
  6. As of right now, all my newer modern coins are in a sandwich bag that I keep stuffed so nothing happens to them. Probably 98 to present. My wheats are all rolled to keep them from shifting and most of my valuables are in hard plastic.
  7. No time like the present to get back to it..
  8. Lol I can see that for sure. This is one of my better finds for the year.
  9. I've been through hundreds of penny rolls. You ought to check the 64 I posted. Heck I would send this penny to you if it helped. It's just a nice penny. Especially roll hunting.
  10. Just another example of high quality you can still find roll hunting.
  11. Going from mouth to ear, that is raised. Thoughts or comments?
  12. Just thought for year; no errors, it's a nice piece to keep.
  13. That's my birth year. Can u give me like 2 weeks and I can get 1
  14. Got a steal on the 72. Less than $9
  15. You dont or wouldnt have a set from 77 would you
  16. Think the 72 looks better than the 81
  17. Do you trade any foreign currency; or is it just U.S. only?
  18. Would you be willing to trade some coins? How about a 1913 as part of the deal. Can still read date and would grade as at least a good or vg. Especially for its age. Wheat penny plus many other other old pennies or even my 46 franklin half.
  19. Also, the older ones came in plastic anyway. Are they uncirculated?
  20. If you still have these in a few weeks, I might buy a few. Would prefer boxes, but sometimes that just cant be helped. Like 1 of each of the 60's. Any way you could post pics?
  21. It's great to see your enthusiasm with the proofs. I'm trying to work up to get more proof sets; along with several other coins. Finally got my first Ike dollar, along with first Franklin half. My V nickels definitely leave something to be desired, save one. It's in, if graded maybe a good to vg.