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  1. I was merely asking. No need in all this mess. Didnt you mother ever teach if you dont have something nice to say then dont say anything at all? Thanks for the encouraging words.
  2. Found this today in one of those take a penny leave a penny things. Any value to it?
  3. If it is a fake, they do have a return policy. I always check that now. To make sure I can get my money back. I had never seen the set. Figured I would hold on to it. It looks to be in fairly well shape. Plus historical value to me is worth it.
  4. I had never seen the set. Figured I would hold on to it. It looks to be in fairly well shape. Plus historical value to me is worth it.
  5. Has certificate of authenticity. Looks to uncirculated. Paid 9.99 for it. Good deal or not?
  6. Havent been able to get more rolls yet, but will soon. May need answers to some questions.
  7. I'm not looking to sell them. Holding on to them to pass down to my children when they are old enough to respect such coins, and keep them as they are
  8. Ok, but he may in fact be a "judge", but not jury. And if a jury is needed, it isnt up to him. So there has to be a so called panel of people that decide innocent or guilty. Not the judge.
  9. Can we please leave this subject alone?
  10. Beautiful and uncirculated. Just because they are 100 years younger than you gives you no right.
  11. Everything seems high to you. Let me make my own mistakes and you stay out of if
  12. I ended up just getting 1 set for $7.00 including shipping. 1971.
  13. Think of it this way... if you we're sent to court over something you didnt do; whose to say the judge rules not in my favor? First time being in front of a judge and you get the short end of the stick. Though you didn't do it, judge rules in others favor. Is that fair?. Coins may be different, but still the same. Say you know you have an ms67 and judge says it's just fine. Is that fair? Even though your coin is prefect? A judge can always be wrong no matter what the situation is; correct?
  14. No prior bias doesnt give the right to judge. That would be like me saying you stole some of my coins even though you didn't. With your statement the judge could easily rule in my favor correct?
  15. Yes it was, which is why I'm not sure why vkurt had to have another say. I thought it was finished.
  16. And again, you don't know me. It's not just proof sets I am buying. I have a deal with a buddy of mine that has many coins, one of which is a 1897 O in f or vf Morgan plus about 30 or 40 other coins from the same time period. Would you even care to guess the price? With that being said, and hopefully now you "know" me.
  17. Take the needle out of your own eye before you offer me any more "words of wisdom" then we can talk.
  18. Are you a "judge"? Maybe you haven't had calluses on your hands because you didn't have to work, or maybe you are just as stupid as you sound on here. And to be quite frank with you, no the judge does NOT KNOW who someone is, only what they are told. So if you step into that courtroom, you are just some person that is, again, not known.
  19. How about you send me the $1000s you have spent then maybe I can get a better pic. Don't you try and judge me, you don't know me. You may think you are better than everyone else, but you are still the same slob as when you started. Want my address so you can start sending me that cash flow you have? Just so I can get a better pic. Will gladly give it to you.
  20. Understood. I'm not saying everyone has to agree with me. Just stating I've never seen it before.
  21. All sets for 35 correct? You had some 84s in there as well right
  22. PM me that PayPal account again. Please
  23. 1968, 1971 and 1972 about $10 each. Is it worth it? Proof sets uncirculated.
  24. Well sir, it may not be important to you. However, since this my first time seeing this then it is to me.