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  1. Thank you sir I will do as you have described..I have just never seen on such coins and I have servel different dates.. TO BE CONTINUED
  2. I have come to understand that one thing you are correct about the one time strike so with saying it's the die that is already cut as a double or for what I have triple ,they make serval dies from one master die and during the process of making working dies this happens ,so once the working dies are put to work it's up to the mint employees to catch such errors sometimes they do catch on a quick note sometimes it's a later note that's my understanding about the double die creation as well as triple. More on the double less likely on a triples that's my understanding I believe I'm right if not I'm sure somebody will let me know and I won't mind if I am wrong and then i will know the right way but I'm pretty sure that's right
  3. So hear we all are again I hope that you all have enough integrity to admit your wroung doings because everytime I'm intentions for posting a post was to learn from EXPERTS not not imbeciles and haters but it is what it is I have no Nautilus from any of y'all but you will see me more not here but in the coin world you might be able to learn a few things from mefor example take a look at the columns, they have a similar pattern that the you all criticize on,or in other words hated ones well has the same dime that Daniel Molone made a video on YouTube about spreading bad info on coins..I'm good no I'm alot better now THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR TIME
  4. I guess so,I'm guessing also that all of you thank the u.s. Gov. The mint and ther associates are are honest LIKE HONEST ABE ,will for myself I thank not ,you know outside the box, and I'm just taking a guess from my experience on here all of you are working with the mint, because you guys have done nothing but try you dampness to deter me from my if you have o boy make another this one bring a scam and artis out in the open...CAUSE UNTIL IM SHOWED THAT IM WROUNG I'm not going to stop,,just because "the experts " and there robots it is so...sorry im not that guy,but I CAN AN WILL BE THAT ONE
  5. Gentleman I'm very well aware that coins date is 1982 eyesight....LOL...but after a closer look, the die crack across liberty as well as the die crack from shoulder to back of Lincoln head and the scratches above liberty are present as well as weight..My questions would be " your opinions"...thank you
  6. B.C. with respect ,every letter on coin looks triple, nothing else is butt little on nose and the eye,,just wondering, I got a few states quarters, my question is this would be a common occurence, because I do search diligently and never seen such coins until I started looking at the state quarters this past month..thanks again
  7. No questions,,just sharing what I have found, I post what I see by far am I an expert coin person but I do know what I see .im far from immature, Actually im every serious type of person just looking for a way out without stress and im hoping a few nice coins will do just that.. ot looking for fame or videos about my curiosity which we all know has already been done..Please note I did not blast my curiosity all over YouTube, just right here on a I throught member only form..
  8. Thank you best answer I have received, yet from this from in general..could you tell me what you see on this next pic I'm lkading
  9. Do you know what is on the reverse of this DIME??????? hint : ITS PART IF THE DESIGN..
  10. I dis agree,,,,,,,prime example of your un necessary comments..
  11. Sir sorry u fill that way did u See the second and thrid set aswell and I'm shore you still dont.thats okay have a nice day
  12. Coming from you you should read and understand what you Sir write or is that to difficult for u, to do..PERSONALLY I belive so...thanks
  13. Also put your glasses back on so you will beable to see the big picker..and them glasses are for see not to be put on a hat rack