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  1. I sent some coins in to get graded. They were delivered 4 days ago according yo the US post office, but the submission tracker is not showing them. How long dose it take for my tracker to show it? The question I had is how often dose the coin census online get updated? Thanks
  2. Thank you Dukemnm, I don't mind at all. All of you are so helpful and I am trying to learn. This was one of 4 that I sent in.(the first time I ever sent coins in) The four of them got one MS65 two MS66 one of them being this coin and a MS67. I feel so lucky.
  3. Greenstang, I will post a picture as soon as I get it in. NGC has a picture is there can you look at it? Thank you for your help, I am learning.
  4. Well I am not planning on selling the coin, like I said I am just getting into coin collecting and it sounds like this coin would be good to have. Unless some want to pay me a lot for it. And I do mean a lot. LOL, Thank you so much Just Bob.
  5. I am newer to coin collecting and am trying to learn. So let me say thank you for any help. I just had A coin Graded, and it came back; NGC Cert # 4739996-003 NGC Description 2019 W Lowell Great American Coin Hunt First ""W"" Mint Mark Qtrs 25C NGC Grade MINT ERROR MS 66 Pedigree OBVERSE STRUCK THRU Can you tell me what that means? Is it worth more or less?
  6. Thanks Mohawk, My collection is mostly modern US coins from 1958 to 1999. I Just saw they we offering this and thought it MIGHT be neat when my grand kids end up with what I have. Was not even sure how to ship them into NGC.
  7. First let me say,I am new to collecting and getting coins graded. I see where NGC is going to do a special label and designation exclusively for 2019 Apollo 11-themed coins received during the anniversary of the historic moon mission. I Had bought the Silver and clad coins, and now am wondering should I get them certified? and if so should I sent the Government packages or Just the coins? Thanks for your help