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  1. I just realized, after comparing this penny with my 1857 Flying eagle cent, that they are on the same planchet. This may be normal since they are only two years apart. I'm guessing.
  2. I found this 1859 Indian cent in a coin roll a couple of years ago. It's very thick (see edge image below) and just barely bigger in diameter than a normal Indian cent. It's almost as though it were struck on a nickel but that could just be wishful thinking. What do you guys think? I know its pretty beat up and i'm not expecting any great value, it's just been a curiosity in my collection that I'd like to figure out.
  3. Thank you Tom! I too thought it was probably machine-doubling, this one is so pronounced I wanted an extra pair of eyes to be sure. Thank you very much for your reply!
  4. Hello! I'm unsure if the 1957 D Lincoln cent pictured below has a double die on the date or if that's damage to the coin. The rest of the face and reverse seem normal to me. Any comments are appreciated! I'll add more photos if needed.