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  1. Forgive my low quality picture, i do not have a good camera and it was hard to focus my phone while it was zoomed in so much. It took the hands of a surgeon to provide the images as they are.
  2. I am not Collector3745, I am completely new here. I was just intrigued by the nature of the rim of the penny, since it really looks like it splits and is doubled on the left hand side of the penny. My name is John, and this is the first time I have used this forum. Thanks.
  3. Hello, I am a "coin noob". I did a fair amount of coin roll hunting with my father long ago and I have many coins as a result. Do I have a particularly rare penny? I am not sure. I will attach pictures of this 1969 s penny. I thought the rim of the penny was fairly suspicious as it clearly splits into two, indicating this might be a doubled die. Can anyone shed some light on this potential error coin? Why would the left side of the coin be a doubled rim? I am not seeking a true appraisal as of now, but if I could just understand what I am holding I would be a happy camper. I will attach images of the coin. Thank for anyone who posts!