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  1. I'm trying to download more pictures but it's not working for me today
  2. This is a 1961 Jefferson nickel with DDR in Monticello and other areas of the coin. It's almost proof like, but it's not a proof. Anyone think I should get it graded? Let me know thanks
  3. Would this be a rpm? Or a small date over a large date? Any opinions would be appreciated. Thank you
  4. Yes, it's in the original cellophane unopened from mint. Can it be from a damaged die , or something like that? I
  5. I call this the Franklin Sneeze. It's still in the original packaging. Would this be a error coin? Is this something I should consider grading? If anyone can help I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you
  6. Looks like it was done more than 2 times. Should I send it out for grading?