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  1. When I submit coins which I think might qualify for a 'cameo' designation, do I need to list that request on my submission? For example, I recently submitted a 1954 Franklin half dollar for grading – 4740895-005. To me the obverse looked like it was a cameo & the reverse slight cameo, but I did not mention this on the submission. So, after grading, it came back straight PF65. https://www.ngccoin.com/certlookup/4740895-005/65/
  2. This was my first submission to NGC. The final $20.00 fee is not bad for experts to review two graded PCGS coins. But consider: I submitted 22 coins for grading and shipped them to NGC in a single box/shipment. Following the instructions, I had to make a "crossover" submission 4740893 of two coins, so there was a $10.00 handling fee for that. Then there was a $10.00 handling fee for one "economy" submission 4740894 with 15 coins and another $10.00 handling fee for one "economy" submission with 5 coins (I was unable to put these five coins on 4740894 because there is only room for 1
  3. Today I received a credit from NGC for $60 - so I had to pay $20 ($10 handling fee + $5 for each coin to be looked at).
  4. Each form is considered one submission. So, the crossover is one submission with a $10.00 handling fee, the two gold coins is one submission with a $10.00 handling fee and the five silver coins are one submission with a $10.00 handling fee.
  5. I submitted two coins to NGC for crossover 4740893: 1909 S Lincoln Cent PCGS MS64RD. NGC did not crossover, stated "NOT RD". 1931 S Lincoln Cent PCGS MS63RD. NGC did not crossover, stated "ALTERED COLOR". So ... is this normal? I paid for "CROSSOVER - EARLY BIRD". I had hoped to have these coins in NGC holders so I could add them to "My NGC Registry". Now I am just out the money for the failed crossover. I am a slight bit disappointed. So I ask: Is it normal to expect PCGS graded coins to not be up to NGC grading standards?
  6. Today is July 3 and I have yet to receive a response from NGC / NCS. I will consider this topic closed and unanswered. Thank you to "Mohawk" and "Just Bob" for their responses. I think I choose to just leave the 1942 proof set in the NGC set holder and to leave the 1940 proof set alone in the existing holders. Better safe than sorry.
  7. I am having no issues using Chrome concerning accessing this website.
  8. Thanks Tom. I posted this Thursday evening June 20. How long does it normally take NGC/NCS to reply?
  9. Did I ask some stupid questions? I see viewers but no replies or answers. Thanks.
  10. If I submit some NGC graded coins to NCS for conservation (to improve their look), do I risk lowering the certification grade? Also, if I submit a 1942 proof set for "reholder" to individual holders, will the NGC certification for the individual coins remain the same? Can I request the half dollar for conservation without risking lowering the grade? Or, would anyone simply recommend keeping the set in the single holder? I am new to this slab grading. It is an improvement over the old days and ways (I last collected in the 60's). I am collecting proofs again (up to 1964) and I am th