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  1. "Don't feed the troll" isn't a rule... it's more of a survival technique... there's no end to the trolls and I'd hate to see you end up like Sisyphus.
  2. Don't read posts by Ratzie. I don't see how you could *possibly* disagree with that.. elegant, simple, fool-proof...
  3. You know what the solution to that problem is, right?
  4. Yup... I'd pitch in.. I've got a couple of Whitman folders with pennies (and some nickels, I think). Nothing super valuable, but old and pretty cool.. Oh - and I could probably be convinced to throw in a Kennedy half for fun...
  5. True story! Did any turn out to be keepers?
  6. So I've been through all 200-ish of these under a small microscope and unsurprisingly found nothing of interest. I need to attempt to "grade" some I found that had really nice luster to see if maybe those are potential MS60+ to put in flips and set aside from the rest... That'll be less straight forward, to say the least...
  7. An update on this (and on the sorting thread too, I guess). I was able to get my hands on a USB microscope and go through the stacks. It made it pretty easy to see that, sadly but unsurprisingly, there was nothing of import. I really only focused on mint marks and "We Trust" and didn't spend a bunch of time on each one. I figured if it was that hard to see it wasn't worth anything extra. I had some technical difficulties with the camera so i don't have any images to share. If I sort that out, I'll post a couple here for reference.
  8. You should start a GoFundMe for that. I'd kick in a buck or two, as long as I got pics of the work in progress... video would be preferred though.
  9. It certainly can't be a dropped letter since the odds of 2 (or likely more since this seems to be a recognized variant) is pretty much nil. Chipped die maybe?
  10. What are the odds they call it a “1 in the neck” because that’s just what it looks like and not what it actually is? Wouldn’t be the first time something was called something misleading *cough* close AM *cough*
  11. You really need to highlight where you think you see something on the coin. I see nothing that looks doubling.. not even MD...
  12. Well, I suppose if you're collecting and searching for errors for the approval and recognition of this crowd or for the money, I suppose that makes sense... but if you're doing for the fun and for you, it's still awesome!
  13. Buh dum tsss.... Nice to see your lighter side! I like it!
  14. I think you might be right! I'm 100% sure I could get the now-banned troll to back that up! Good to "see" you again, sir!