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  1. Real Tet is more than 14g, so yeah.. fake... plus it looks nothing like the real deal (found that in a 37 second Google search)
  2. Why do you prefer that to a TPG? I'm assuming you'd expect more diligence from them?
  3. If it appears legit, won't NGC or other TPG certify it? So from that standpoint it actually *is* a simple inquiry? It seems like this isn't something you'd want to guess at..
  4. Good information? Not sure where you're going with that... Sure... and those people are being silly... but desperation leads people to do weird things and put hope in long shots. And why do we care about their reasons? None of our business, really. All we can do is try to reset expectations. And if people post like this, there's no reason to all over it without looking at what they've got. It takes 2.5 seconds for a trained eye to determine if what the OP has is worthwhile... yeah, it gets old to answer the same question over and over, but that's what you get in this forum.
  5. @VKurtB - Kindly reread my post. I never state there is no cost. Quite the contrary... I state that the expenditure will be time. Please do not assume that you are the only one here who understands and applies the concept of opportunity cost. And also please refrain from applying your values to how people should spend that opportunity cost. Just because you don't gain any enjoyment from roll hunting does not mean you can, as a universal blanket statement, state that there's no value to it. Baseball, golf, bird watching, backgammon, romance novels, board games... there's an endless list o
  6. Yup... only two known in the world. Do you suppose that's all that were made or that still exist? As long as you enjoy roll hunting and you're not skipping work or not spending time with your family to hunt rolls, it's a zero risk activity. Literally zero. Search through $10,000 worth of pennies and your only expenditure is time. Yup... search through $10,000 worth of pennines and you'll probably not find one. So what? If the hunt is part of the fun, then there's no down side, except our local curmudgeon will grump about it being virtually impossible and a waste of time. Every time I p
  7. Lighting is a bit harsh and last pic is way out of focus. Oh - and you don't mention what area you think is problematic for the first pic.
  8. For just a second I thought someone had hijacked your account! Whew! Good to know all is still right(-ish) with the world...
  9. I'm betting they won't, but if there's a jeweler you trust, they would probably be better option anyway. And post a pic here, please.
  10. And just so you don't get any crazy ideas, don't try to get rid of scratches, shine, clean or otherwise try to "fix" any of the problems with the coin. You will only decrease the value.
  11. Must have been an interesting variation to warrant being graded...
  12. I don't often feel sorry for the trolls, but dang... I actually hope he gets it graded and it comes back at least as "Genuine"..
  13. HOLY LOAD OF COW DUNG! Would never have bought anything unslabbed from them... although I wonder if eBay would hold them to the "guaranteed authentic" in the listing... seems like you could force the issue... but I don't have that kind of cash to gamble with... Looks like they sell a lot of slabbed coins, so it's easy to get good reviews...
  14. eBay.. $610... just a guess... :lol: But if I had paid that much, I'd 100% get it graded... right now... like yesterday... since there's a non-zero chance it'll come back as fake.. then at least you can go back to the seller to get your money back... seriously... get it graded... otherwise that guy is laughing all the way to the bank.. If it's real and grades high, that'll be a hell of a score...
  15. Please tell Hank he is very welcome! My collector's edition "Hank's Thank You Card" arrived yesterday.