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  1. Checking to see if this is an error coin? Kind of lost. Maybe DDO with another nose and upper lip. Hair is going a different direction as well.
  2. Is this the small cent coin?i weighed it up against several coins. The top 4 numbers appear to be aligned and the bottom of 1,8,2 appear to be aligned. Input would greatly be appreciated. Thank you!
  3. I watched some video that it was good on copper coins. I was just curious! I think I’m going to try that coin and see what happens. Not sure which would be the fastest safest way. I will have to reread all the comments. Thanks a billion.
  4. I tried to screen shot it but it’s 4.88MB because it’s a screenshot.
  5. I use PCGS Photograde and Price Guide App for IPhone
  6. I’m a rookie and going with MS67 besides the eyebrow definition looks awesome to me or I would say MS68. I guess that’s why I see a bunch of error coins that aren’t error coins. Ha
  7. And thank you all for the help, tips, and replies to my wishful errors!
  8. What about the 1/4 cup of vinegar and 1 teaspoon of salt method? Has anyone tried that or is that not a good method?
  9. Look at the lip? Is there a double lip error? Or is that a flavor stache? Lol
  10. One day, give me some good news sir! I know they say to never clean coins but like on this one what could it possible hurt? Or is that something not to do anytime.
  11. Does the 1910 wheat penny have any errors? cud error, or extra initials at the bottom? I know the coin is dirty and rough conditions, curiosity kills.
  12. The Reverse. Sorry about the upside down picture. Ha
  13. The Date looks like doubling. Also In GOd we TruSt. Looks like a letter is on Lincoln’s chin. The reverse is different. Will try and upload it again when I get a chance.
  14. Is there any known Double Die Reverse for this year. Coin looks a little off center as well.