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  1. Thank you for educating me and I'm learning.
  2. This is another one I have pictures of. I had a old 1954 S roll that I finally opened up.
  3. I'm at work now, but what do you mean without the "white light" reflection? A picture with little light?
  4. Not sure if the date and mint mark are an error as well. Need input!
  5. Here is the front of the second coin
  6. Thanks! I don’t think it is but I was curious because of the color of the metal
  7. How would I know if this penny is steel with a copper plate? I am just just curious. It has a steel looking color in a few spots on front and back!
  8. Look at my recent pictures I had someone on here tell me before it was broad struck and maybe partial struck. The title was “too many errors to list” on recent picture up load. I was just curious from a different group if the answer would be the same.
  9. Is this coin valuable?
  10. It doesn’t look like a DD to you?
  11. All the picture or the same coin, just different lighting. I’m not sure if this is a error coin, was wondering if anybody would let me know if it was or not. Thanks!
  12. Checking to see if this is an error coin? Kind of lost. Maybe DDO with another nose and upper lip. Hair is going a different direction as well.
  13. Is this the small cent coin?i weighed it up against several coins. The top 4 numbers appear to be aligned and the bottom of 1,8,2 appear to be aligned. Input would greatly be appreciated. Thank you!