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  1. Thanks! It's ok if you have to skip some.. oddly enough, I had the same reaction from another person named "Bob" a while back.. Maybe all Bob's think alike? I appreciate it. Take care.
  2. Hello NGC! I've been doing YouTube videos for a while now and I get asked constantly about coin grading. I've done videos where I receive coins back from NGC through an NGC Member Dealer and people have really enjoyed them. I'm going to do a new series where I not only walk people through the signing-up process, but also show off the coins I'll be sending for grading and how they return to me. I've really had a ton of respect for NGC these last few months with their professionalism and dedication to their customers. I've reached out to NGC on several occasions and I've gotten a response back no more than the next day. Sometimes I hear back within the hour! I'm not going to trash talk any other companies here but I'll tell you from experience, that is WAYYYYYYY better than average. Anyhow, I wanted to introduce myself to you as a YouTuber and a friend within the coin collecting community. I hope to see you soon and maybe you'll see my NGC videos soon too. Until then, Spegtacular