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  1. Thank you. So should I presume that the unique details for specific years identified in the image I posted are not universally accepted among third-party grading services and/or the coin community at large? I'm a newbie when it comes to Buffalo Nickels so appreciate any insight that NGC or others can provide on this topic.
  2. Hi - how long does it typically take for a response from NGC? My son is anxious for a reply. Thanks.
  3. Please see attached image that I found on another forum. It shows characteristics that are apparently unique to certain year Buffalo Nickels. My question: Will NGC assign a year to a "dateless" Buffalo Nickel based on this information and grade the coin? If not, why not? My son recently found a Buffalo Nickel while coin roll hunting that has a visible "S" mintmark, but the date is worn well beyond recognition. The obverse has the "Hair Detail" and "Wavy Ribbon" shown in the attached image, which would indicate the coin is a 1921 mintage. Please let me know NGC's policy about
  4. Thank you Mohawk and Just Bob - appreciate your insights on this one. I too suspect this coin has been unnaturally modified. I passed on the purchase. Thanks again.
  5. Hi - need some help determining if the attached image shows a naturally-toned Proof Jefferson Nickel or is it artificially enhanced? I've seen these before in PCGS and NGC slabs without a Details label so apparently there are specimens out there that are legit, but curious what folks think of the attached. Thanks!