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  1. I can't understand how a hundred year old coin gets the same treatment as a new coin.
  2. also is the bottom star on the left is the gap smaller than that of a normal strike, or does that vary
  3. is it true that the "L" in B.L.P look's longer in the proof, then a normal strike. Or does that vary on a 1915 5$
  4. I choose not to. you can also own a cook book, learn the best meals that everyone will call you a great chief, yet still not turn every page.
  5. yea but what I am trying to achieve is not to make a mistake, I have to be 100 percent. Something I am not at this stage. I can see layers, in which I thought was easy to see by the pictures, I am not trying to prove you all wrong, I am just trying not to sell it for scrap, when there is a possibility I could be wrong.
  6. I can understand not going more than 10x magnification, but it's not as if, that makes those details fake.
  7. yea but a hundred year old coin you are not going to get a image thats crystal clear, I can't see how reflection follows a lip, just off the edge. With out it being another layer.
  8. see how the light shimmers to reveal different layers. is that a proof?