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  1. emailed 5/13/20, received a response, referring to accounting, am hopeful now! called 5/13/20, went to voice mail
  2. emailed 5/12/20, no response called 5/12/20, just kept ringing
  3. I tried calling, several times over many days, different times of the day, the main number, 800-642-2646. The message said the best way to contact is to email, which is the message also stated on this website. I did wait on the phone until the voice message stopped and it attempted to transfer to a person, but no one picked up on any of the times I tried calling. I sent a message through the NGC website's contact page on 5/7/20, and again on 5/8/20, no response. I sent an email to service@ngccoin.com on 5/11/20, no response. How can I get in contact with anyone at NGC? Re