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  1. Yes I must agree with mookie.Brain surgery.lol:)
  2. Mookie you played in that move with spike Lee lmao
  3. Look we got Charlie angels.where's the 3one .I was hoping for Bob .
  4. Everything is a song or a song and dance I'm right here.lol
  5. Now do you see what I mean? Your in my post,please your cute stay in your place !;)
  6. So yeah please show me some facts!Please .:) I even hear the undertones in the way some of the teachers writing.I Been n here an nobody asked me about a double! Well if you don't like your statues& then find something else to do! Even saying how you going to set up your next exhibit! Well even the God's looking down at you,like I been there done that! Try something different lmao.:) only within reason! Lol
  7. As a civilian of.United States of America!have the Right to protect the so called coins road rash or parking lot coins! An the state federal court shall uphold THAT which is followed.lol
  8. Even when I don't say nothing or show anything,I'm Still here lol:). Really do you think I really wanted you to grade my coins? This is fun for me ,so beauty is in the eye of the beholder! Please I dare you! I just wanted to pass by,you didn't want me to! Ok ! State cause for asking me THE last Question you ask me sir please!' yeah you are now under oath!
  9. See when I say something I want it to mean something! You quoted that the money was our money to do as as long as it's not defacing or altercation.I'm just saying lol.this is what I have learned:) so if someone picks up a thrash parking lot coin? Is held accountable for fraud? Lol you see I already knew this would be a cold hobby.Looks when I say stunt dummy.Well yes because if you can not show me proof! Well sir that's more or less like hear say in court.lol. So yeah do you really think I fear a man or God? Sir ,I hate to inform you that Plymouth Rock Well let's say it's a little more than you can grasp.lol
  10. Security! Keep your eyes on him ,well that's funny because they been watching because you and we or us as the media! Is and talking and handling the USA money! So yeah .show the facts ,because if you can make a statement well it must be documented! Because nothing shall go unpunished by law! If you mess with uncle Sam money lol:)
  11. By all means I'm not trying to rattle your cage,I'm saying where are those facts at? Because I truly like to see them ! Lol . Are you sure you can play with me lmao.I love the way the mind work,because it's a art in motion by it self:) how I can be so humbling:)