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  1. I'm just doing my own thing! I was just saying to myself,that if these are the coins we get dealt! Then shouldn't they to be considered errors,Since this what have been give to the public! So why are the public coins graded as that ? Because they all was produced in or By the Mint! just thinking out loud.
  2. Gm to you and to all.Look sir ! You seem to be forgetting,that people can see for themselves who's really the problem! I haven't said or put anything wrong up here! So let's get that straight! Information that came from the Mint it self ,an here you are trying to find a angle to place blame on others? Lol .Even when the people watching how Larry, Moe and curlie.came from all sides to attract me ,they was waiting to see if I needed help! Did you see how they have already stepped in? So keep trying to attack the way I write! I think I'm doing good against your odds! Lol.:) see how you just exposed things without me asking? So your doing good! Keep talking! I still didn't ask any questions! lmao
  3. They talked badly about each other grading companies,then here you are trying to make it seems like I'm the problem! Now if that ain't some horse smell!
  4. Sounds like a Robot! the poor soul may get the wrong idea! .Well you should have thought of that over a 100 views before.So yeah! They really so keep running your mouth!
  5. Now see how you can get answers! Look at you! My last four replies,an here you still feeling some kind of way .why? I Didn't ask any questions yet! Lmao!
  6. Look never said you don't give good info! Yet! Some of that needs to be rewritten,or state what you or your team are seeking.Because the way some of you treat people ,can be well written unkind cruel and unusual! So I'm the problem? Go bite into Apple .Your starting to leak all over the place! look let it go take 2 pills and stop seeing things! So you don't need to keep responding lmao!
  7. People are their own vision,so please I can't be doing no more than you program someone mind with that !
  8. You have some eggs ,to even say that when you know I'm not the first.I maybe a little longer lasting.:)
  9. Just like the poor soul could be seeing things.lol
  10. Sir ! Really. I don't do YouTube and I must not be saying to much without some reasoning.lol.
  11. Again why are you answering something that isn't true ? Ok! Dam! Dictation is cruel at times .lmao
  12. Oh it's bothering you that bad ? You still need to come back and say something to me! Lol .wow .that say a lot ! Coming from you! So your still in this post? Lol