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  1. You must be the best in the world,and you should get Nobel price.itcan be difficult to take coin pictures for online purposes because no camera can capture the true luster, details and overall beauty of a brilliant coin.Such a equipment exist for few not for many.Do you know who said this?
  2. Yea sure.None of you answered my question yet.Is it possible to check the coin if you don't have it in your hand
  3. Monkey syndrome?I did not ask you for an opinion.
  4. So if it's a true you are wanted pedophille.
  5. Coinsmedals and VkurtB you are fake.You change your nickname every few months.VkurtB it is not your real picture.I waited a year and I see FBI did not ignore me.Good luck
  6. Is this penny fake too?The weight 9.00gr,wide rim,180 border teeth,the letters of One Penny nearly contact the rim.Red toning.No waves.
  7. None of you says about undiscovered coins,there is a lot of them.No books or Google will tell you this,because it's undiscovered
  8. How can you know it is not a trial coin if you never seen it before?Did you consider that is undiscovered coin yet?To check the coin you must have it in your hand to check there any marks around the coin.Silver(C)Gold(A)What about rotations areas,it is visible.
  9. To check the coin you must have it in your hand and use proper magnifier it might be undiscovered coin yet.
  10. At the moment you show up with valuable coin,they want it,and they have your IP address.When you go on eBay or Amazon to sell it for peanuts they know it.Guess who buy it from you for 12 dollars?
  11. Don't listen to them,they are fake.Beautifull coin,the cracks on it it's not a damage,but 2D drawing,look at it with the proper light and the tool.They want you to believe this wildly_fanciful_statement and sell it on eBay for 20 dollars.
  12. Look at the border teeth,size and gaps changes. it's toned coin looks like silver cause gets black colour.There are 2D marks on it,will tell you what this is.
  13. It is a trial coin I can see on the picture,there are rotation areas on Obv and Rev.Reflection in the mirror will show you.
  14. Concave specimen Penny Rev no border teeth
  15. Don't you see that Rev is Rotated? I it's pattern