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  1. In "Cambodia>>Cambodia & Kampuchea>>Type Set, Tical Coinage, 1847-1880, Circulation Issue", I found in the slot of "TICAL CS1208(1847) THICK FLAN", the scores got something wrong in the grade of 45 and 45+. I hope NGC can fix it. Details as the picture following. thank you!
  2. In India British colony set, I found in the set "Victoria I 1838-1901", there are the set of 1/2 pice, 1/12 anna, 1/4 anna, 1/2 anna, 2 annas and one rupee, but miss 1/2 rupee set and 1/4 rupee set. I think 1/2 rupee and 1/4 rupee is the most important domination in India Victoria set considering their rarity and variety, so, I suggest that whether NGC would have any plan to complete the domination set in "Victoria I 1838-1901". There are two sets might be added in "Victoria I 1838-1901" : 1/2 rupee, Victoria, 1840-1901, Circulation Issue 1/4 rupee, Victoria, 1840-1901, Circulation Issue