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  1. Thank you for your prompt reply on this issue. The feature is down and will just wait till it is ok.
  2. Can i still add coins to my set before December 6, i tried to add my recent acquisition but it seems it is not working at all today. Thanks
  3. Hi, Are Alaska medals can be grade? Thank you. Noel
  4. Hi, I would like ask if these brass medals are accepted to be graded? Thank You.
  5. Hi Maribeth, Already inserted new set but when adding the coin it does not allow, awaiting ngc approval. I know it will be soon, Thank you for your response. Regards, Noel
  6. Those lunar Tokelau coins are Bimetallic and colorized as well, thanks. Noel
  7. Hello, I would like to request for slot: Chinese Silver Medals, 1 Oz, Mint State Ex of coin: 5756128-009 Regards; ~ Noel ~
  8. Hi Ali, I would like to request to add: Tokelau, $1 coin - Lunar Year 2017 to Date, Proof and Mint State Thank you very much. - Noel -
  9. Thank you so much @ilLOminatus for the direction. It helps so much. Brgds; Filipinas Bullion
  10. I been looking to buy few weeks ago but astronomically high price compared to 2019 FDI. Usual as it was, let us wait for a while.
  11. I am planning to fly in HK if necessary or to be more safe for my coins. Then to pick up on HK office if already available. Just looking my best options. Setting an appointment for submission which i hope to be normally easy or can walk through to the address? --- @ilLOminatus
  12. Nice and helpful topic, thank you. Just want to know if you are sending coins for grading, what courier can be use way to ngc office? I am worry that coin will be lost during the transport process. How about the return courier, can i choose a courier like fedex if i have account? For tax rules since in our country (from Philippines) a little bit complicated, will they taxed me about the declared value of the coin, the same when receiving back the coin. What arrangement should be done? What kind of declaration that NGC will put when returning the coins? I am sorry for my newbie question, but just started acquiring graded items rather than sending them however i am planning to send my accumulations of proof coins. I do not have any experience in sending coins, just watching some videos for my plan to start. Looking forward for your good advices.