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  1. Could you elaborate on what you mean by a "rare" 1964 CENT?
  2. Welcome to the Forum Sorry but that is one of the many chinese counterfeits out there.
  3. Welcome to the the Forum This is the Forum for buying and selling, maybe a mod can move it . That being said, there is nothing special about your Lincoln’s, they are are all Large Date and might be worth 5 cents total.
  4. Did you have a question or are you looking to sell them? If you want to sell or trade them, you should list them on the Coin Marketplace Forum following the instructions.
  5. That is known as DDD (Die Deterioration Doubling) and adds no value to the coin.
  6. I would just put it in a flip. The grading cost would be way more than the value of the coin. It is a Double Clip and a keeper though.
  7. Sorry but that is a 1953, not a 43. I can clearly see the 5
  8. Welcome to the Forum The 1925D looks ordinary and don’t see any doubling on the 1963D. Maybe you could take a closeup of where you think there is Doubling. Hard to tell from those pictures.
  9. Is it any different from someone squeezing two coins in a vise, heating a coin to create a bubble or milling the devises off a coin? Who knows why people do what they do. I know that some try to create an "error" coin to resell but other than that I would probably say they do it because they can.
  10. It does appear genuine, the star is in the right location and there does appear to be no displacement. My question would be why is a high value coin with a mintage of only around 4,250 not been certified.
  11. Sorry, not a Doubled Ear. There are no known Doubled ear varieties for 2003
  12. GHOSTGIRL If you were to learn how coins were minted, you would know that what you have is impossible to have happened during the striking of the coin. There is no way the rim could be bent while struck in collar.
  13. Not a cladding error, it looks more like a stain. Value 10 cents.
  14. Welcome to the Forum. Your coin is just damaged, known as PMD (Post Minting Damage). It has taken several hits, one of which bent the rim inward. In the future, please show both sides of the coin