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  1. Nickel is magnetic. Also that would be a PL Set. Proof sets were not introduced until 1981
  2. Your choice, suggest phoning first as some are closed weekends ur cho
  3. Welcome to the Chat Board Not missing a clad layer or it would appear copper coloured. Your scale only goes to one decimal place so it is hard to say exactly how much underweight it is. The minimum weight for a quarter is 5.51g so it is possible yours may have been struck on a thin planchet. Not worth getting graded as it would cost far more than the coin is worth.
  4. A nice coin but not full steps and has some wear. Might be worth a couple of dollars.
  5. 3.11g is the target weight. There is a tolerance of +- .12g so anything between 2.99 & 3.23 is acceptable. Yours is just slightly lighter than the minimum
  6. The MM were hand punched until 1990 so they can be anywhere in that area. Yours is a little higher than normal but not high enough to be called the high MM
  7. Hard to tell with those pictures but if it was a unplated zinc coin, the colour would be more of a battleship grey with no lustre. It may just be the lighting of your photo so here is a photo of a genuine unplated Lincoln you can compare to yours. Also note how smooth the fields are.
  8. It means your CENT is .05g underweight. Possibly from wear or a slightly thin planchet. Not enough to make much of a difference.
  9. Dukemnm- The last Canadian CENT was produced in 2012. This may help you increase your knowledge of Canadian Coins.
  10. Condition is everything. If it's average circulation it worth about 5-10 cents, if it's high grade uncirculated (MS66 and up) then about $10.50 according to NGC price list. You can buy a whole roll of circulated on eBay for less than $5.00 There were over one billion with the D mintmark produced so they certainly are not hard to come by.
  11. The fact that the hairlines go over the devices indicate that it was cleaned. If it was anything else, the hairlines would only be on the fields.
  12. Here are some varieties to look for. Nothing that will make you rich though.
  13. Somebody at the Mint did a sloppy job on that Die. They are supposed to buff the die after polishing to remove the marks.
  14. You will probably see this on multiple thousands of coins minted in Denver. It is caused by a broken post on the D mintmark. This is very common and certainly doesn't warrant any special consideration as it adds no value to the coin. In your case it looks like the break has been filed down as it should protrude above the devise
  15. Looks like a 1997 where the tail of the seven has taken a hit moving the metal over.