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  1. Post Minting Damage. Looks like someone has tried to cut the coin in half.
  2. Better pictures just confirm it is a counterfeit. Too many variations to be genuine.
  3. Basically the same answer as the other coin you posted you thought was a 1943. It cannot be a 3 as it is the wrong style. Compare the 3 with the picture supplied on your other post. Another case of seeing what you want to see.
  4. I'll say one thing for you ratzie333, your imagination far exceeds your knowledge of coins. Seems like everything you post post is a "rare" or "valuable" coin. All you have to do is check to see if it is silver or clad, that will give you your answer.
  5. It is just PMD. Something has struck that side of the nickel causing damage from the " banana peel" down to the A in America.
  6. Copper can turn many colours depending on the environment it was stored in. It is not unusual for it to be toned multiple colours on the same coin.
  7. If you are referring to coins graded at PO1 which is the lowest grade a coin can be given, that is because they are in known as lowball coins. There are collectors who collect lowballs and the lower the grade, the more it is worth. Many times it is harder to find a low-ball than a high grade in the same series. As far as "roughing it up" to make it look worn, it is usually easy to tell between a genuine low-ball and a manufactured one. To be a genuine low-ball, you have to be able to tell the date and denomination, a coin that is worn so much that it looks like a blank has no value.
  8. Welcome to the Forum See your other posting for answer.
  9. Hard to tell from that picture as it is out of focus and hard to tell if the lines are raised or incuse, but I am leaning towards damage unless better pictures show me otherwise. Normally a retained die break does not show as two fairly straight lines.
  10. Not rare at all. Philadelphia minted 518,708,000 with no mm. Would like to see a picture of your 1979 quarter with a P mm though, that would be a rarity Also no DD and not sure what you mean by wrong date. It is a 1979 quarter.
  11. Not an error and not valuable. Most collectors of proof coins would consider milk spots and staining as damage and detract from the value of the coin.
  12. Welcome to the Forum My specialty, Canadian silver half dollars. A beauty, don't know why it wasn't graded at least a Cameo. The highest grade that I could find being sold on eBay was a PL66 so with that being the highest Pop, it would be hard to put a value on it although I would think it would be north of $200.00. It would probably come down to what you want for it and what someone is willing to pay for it as there has been no precident set for it's value.
  13. There is no such RPM as a Small S over a Large S. It may be a Small S RPM or MD but can't say for sure from that picture.
  14. Don't see any DDO/DDR and it certainly isn't rare with 1,787,297,160 minted. Might be worth 50 cents or so with the amount of wear.