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  1. Hello all, had a few questions. first is this real, I compared to others and it looks genuine. second, am I right that is looks cleaned? third, with the 3 spots on the reverse, would it be worth sending for grading? as always, thanks for any assistance.
  2. I looked and moved them around to see the fields...I don’t see those micro scratches. I have MS 62 NGC certified Morgan’s I’ve been comparing them to...they appear nicer so I’ll assume they’re 62’s. Also, JKK...you’re awesome...I’ve got both those websites saved and printed off the first one about grading...thank you so much!
  3. My best guess is Vam 11a...which I know is wrong...best I could match
  4. Awesome, thanks! Would it add any value to this? I read some die cracks can..otherwise I’m thinking this is just an AU coin.
  5. Hey all, wondering if this is a die crack or not? I did look on coinworld website to read and try understand more about a die crack vs a cud...however, being very new to this; I can say I’ve got no idea 😂. Any assistance or reading material about it would be great.
  6. Thanks, after looking...I put the 1921 at AU55 the 96 and 85 at AU 50 due the wear on the obverses, mainly the cheeks. I’ll use these guides in the future, much appreciated.
  7. Nice, thanks for that link...sadly from I see and compare to...I may have over paid a little... I’ll definitely use that link prior to buying another Morgan lol...as always, much appreciated for the input and assistance.
  8. So i got these three in a group buy...am I correct in thinking there AU type coins with the wear on them? I paid just under $100 for the three...
  9. Awesome guys, thanks for the info! Y’all helping me understand this stuff so much more...much appreciated
  10. Morning all, been trying to find out if the rim ding ( above OF on reverse) would stop this coin from being MS? Sorry for all the random questions, like always, any info is always appreciated. changed the topic instead of creating a new one, thanks for all yalls help!
  11. Sorry, for the image... I tried to rotate it
  12. Hey y’all... hope everyone had afoot cinco de Mayo.... looking for any help on this 1891 CC (grade, value, etc) like always... and help is always appreciated.