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  1. Hey this coin is listed as a small motto, but after comparing photos, and reading on the differences a few things concern me. The banner to me looks like a small motto, but the feathers and berries don’t match up to a small...any help or clarification would be awesome.
  2. Thanks for all the info...I passed it along. They’re not my coins, a friend asked about them so I asked in his behalf.
  3. Im trying to get most clear photos of them, I’m getting them sent to me then screen shorting them
  4. Hey guys, posting these two photos of my friends coins...these are as clear as I can get with the description on the coin. Any help is much appreciated.
  5. Yes, 999 were minted. I don’t have it yet, as I ordered it on Sunday off eBay. Excited to get it.
  6. It has a bend in the coin where the bite is
  7. mbarrcoins sells both slabbed and raw Morgan’s and Peace dollars... purchased several off him.
  8. Thanks for the follow up Mohawk, always appreciate your insight. I thought it was a really cool coin.
  9. Hey guys, just purchased a 2017 Palau shark bite coin pf70 DCAM (PCGS). Everything I looked up on them had them selling for over $200, some not graded at all. I purchased mine for $150. Deal seemed to good to be true, it’s from a seller with tons of good reviews. Guess I’m nervous as I paid well below what others are selling for. Does anyone have any background with these type of coins? I’ll post the photos when I get it later this week (if you’re allowed to post PCGS coins here)
  10. My man, could you just start one thread and post all your photos into? Also, did you send your coins in for grading yet?
  11. Thanks both of y’all..I’m not very knowledgeable about that, so If been doing a lot “googling” thanks for the information