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  1. Thank u davids5104! I'm not sure how they sent it it was a 1967 sms dcam set not one mark or scratch they never been touched before the lady took them out the case to send off the hole set they look so perfect I have other stuff I want to send in but I'm so worried ima get screwed over so I was waiting to see what happens to this set in my 1967 sms set the nickel has all the steps so clear all 5 coins look amazing and I have not seen any 1967 sms all coins that are graded in 70 the authorize dealer told me it would be about $50 a coin to get graded 5 coins $250 is what they said it would cost and they can only guarantee $10,000 total for all 5 if something happens to them all she gave me was a pink invoice I had to tell her don't you think we need to take pictures how can i prove these are my coins n no swap out I took pictures at home and there in front her and she gave me a pink carbon paper said they will take around 8 weeks to come back i read 5 days then 2 weeks
  2. How long does it take to go threw the hole process to be graded I sent a set of coins threw an authorized dealer and they told me it would take up to 8 weeks to get it back I just feel something ain't right this is the first time I ever sent my coins off to be graded