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  1. Krzy, It looks like post mint damage to me. How it happened, I couldn’t say. Tell Ben, bless you.
  2. I would call it the deviated septum variety. Of course, it's probably the only one.
  3. Post pics if you can. I would be interested in seeing the coin.
  4. Great question, B.L. 21. I concur with Bob. Just make sure the flips are non-PVC containing flips. Bob's description was spot-on. If you are still not sure, ask at the coin shop where you buy them or check on the site where you get them. Bruce
  5. Hi, I see where it says "Special Label" and has a blank text and then a # and another blank text, but I don't see anything that says "Label Name" as an option. I am looking at section 7 on the form. Could you tell us what you see above and/or below this option or better yet, attach a phote of the part of the form you are not sure about. I am looking forward to help. Bruce
  6. Those examples of dryer coins were great. Thanks for your posts. I learned something.
  7. Thanks for the quick response and the suggestion. The coin shop that I frequent does have such pennies. I will shlep my pennies back to the bank and hopefully they will not be too annoyed with me. Bruce
  8. Folks, I need some advice on this one. I am interested in penny roll hunting. I went to a bank. I told them I was a penny collector and would like to buy two boxes of pennies. They were very helpful and willing to help even though I don't have an account. They came back with two boxes; I paid for them and left. I got them home and opened them. All of the pennies seem to be new, uncirculated 2019 pennies. I didn't open them but all of the enders seem to be the same. What should I do with the pennies? Should I bring them back to the same bank or a different one? I have not ope
  9. It should be stuck. The first I thought was that it needs to be pinned to the forum. Great post!
  10. Dena, Thank you for answering my question. After some time of being a member, I did start seeing myself on the site. Bruce
  11. I saw in a nother thread the following article: . It seems to do a good job explaining the diffrence between mechanical doubling and actual double die. Bruce
  12. What a very nice find. Personally speaking, I think the condition is great, all things considered. V., if you don't mind, tell us about your present collection, if you have one. Thanks for sharing about your great coin. Bruce