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  1. Nope I bet you have the first that looks like that (insert exactly disclosure) it may be cool to look at but it's not worth a big premium I wouldn't pay to have it graded looks good in a flip
  2. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas doesn't apply to roll hunting they lived in the ground before you found them in a roll
  3. Cool another one for your collection if the damgaed wheat cents market picks up you'll really have something
  4. Yes it would be highly rare only your 5c is just a normal 5c that looks like it tried melting the ground for some time
  5. It won't pass a DD as for rpm I can't tell from your photo need more of a straight on shot
  6. I read the form years ago I never saw anything indicating by signing your agreeing to multiple transactions typically a credit card authorization is good for 1 transaction
  7. Clearly an unauthorized transaction your better bet is to call your credit card company and dispute the charges
  8. Coins are like snowflakes they are all one of a kind your just happens to be of the kind that dosent bring a premium
  9. Not exactly I was thinking the ops coin was not normal but rather one of the many examples of a poorly mixed alloy if the .4 grams of manganese is concentrated or near the surface a strong enough magnet will have a light attraction
  10. Both are rdv006 Sorry no 005 here
  11. Manganese literally means magnet im familiar with the magnets op is using notice I made it plural took a whole stack of them to get it to hold long enough for a photo
  12. Like I said I took it to metal lab to do X-ray and doesn’t have silver! Am new on this so I really appreciate your opinion! I also weighted and is normal!! ok no silver what did the x-ray gun say it was made of
  13. You have a real good magnet When manganese is mixed with copper the manganese becomes ferromagnetic