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  1. Would this be considered a wire rim?
  2. Would this be considered a wire rim?
  3. Thank you for the response! I would like to send them in however it would be my first time submitting a coin for grading and authentication any recommendations on the proper procedures regarding would definitely be helpful and appreciated!Thanks
  4. I've been comparing Heritage Auction photos of 1964 SMS coins during comparison I noticed that my coins have the same die markers I do not have an expensive camera nor USB micro but in hand and while viewing with my 8x loupe it appears that its possible that my coins are also SMS? Thoughtss
  5. Not sure if anyone noticed but can Can someone please explain the reeded edge??
  6. I have just arrived home from picking up breakfast tacos for me and my daughter and as always I check my change and I was shocked to see this double sided Lincoln 11 years apart weighing 3.7 grams so I dont know what to think maybe someone could help me out here please and thank you!
  7. It has been in circulation so therefore that 2 could have taken a hit which why the prominent curve is not there!Also all the large dates have bold lettering the 1 out of the 3 shown here does not I've yet to see a large date with sharp lettering also the mint mark are located differently on the small date when compared to a large date & the 2 is not close to the edge as in a large date however I am not being argumentative about anyones opinion and I appreciate the responses and help because I'm still learning and new to numismatics but I love it&every challenge and possibilty it bring
  8. This is going to be very interesting so...2 Large 1 Small or all Large? I've heard and have seen alot of contradictory things pertaining to the small date about the 2's,the 8's,sharp slim motto lettering the mint mark and location the 9's their points and lengths and so forth so 2 Large&1Small or All Large?
  9. Ok I'm clearly not understanding this if someone would please explain a little further mechanial/strike doubling I've researched a little but apparently not enough because mechanical strike doubling has a shelf like appearance I'm not seeing the shelf like appearance in this coin the split between the 5's with the top one shifted slightly to the right clearly shows another raised 5 underneath so could someone educate me on what I'm looking at wrong thanks
  10. Thanks for the information this is the way I found the coin so it was pretty interesting being that I've never seen a coin of this year with toning
  11. Can someone please help me understand what is going on with this dime? Nice reverse toning & die polishing lines obverse I have no clue