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  1. See it👍1981 only nothing above,near except for the mint itself
  2. Whats going on with this quarter?
  3. Is it me not being familiar with our variety plus resources?! I cannot find a 1885 0 proof Morgan Dollar ??
  4. Nice $59.00 coin! Not to eye appealing though! From many forums eye appeal goes a long way..
  5. Yes sir sorry about the late response been at work but yes any information would be appreciated I just began to do a little research not sure in grade,variety or what not just know it's a pretty awesome find which my son thought it was the coolest thing ever & I did too! Thanks!Kroger's!
  6. The picture is now very well taken however I'm in the process of learning the proper lighting as well as many other factors that coincide with shooting photos of coins
  7. Well please feel free so show me your well struck business example
  8. If you think so! That coin is nothing compared to mine
  9. For not much more than the cost and hassle?Been a great journey for me I have rather small collection so I tend to have hoarded a few raw which as mentioned is indeed great being able to by eye or 8x loupe which I do!
  10. I need help in what lightning do I need to use while taking pictures? Also is the a reasonable price microscope camera I can use for better viewing and pictures
  11. Thank you no I was not aware of the actual differences in the two I see so many pics of what some may be graded at 65 or 66 and some of 60+-64+ and some of the lower grades appearance is better than some of the higher grades so it's been a bit confusing I admit