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  1. Tracking down a 1950-D mint state Franklin half dollar with mega luster is an extremely frustrating task. Over the last two decades of handling thousands of certified 1950-D mint state Franklins the most common issues for this date I have found are bag marks, dull eye-appeal, water spotting and lack of luster. Quite a few issues indeed and when you come across a gem without these problem areas you have found the ULTIMATE 1950-D mint state Franklin half dollar. NGC has only certified two examples to date in STAR. Only two!!!! Why? The 1950-D mint state Franklin half dollar is an extremely
  2. I am absolutely thrilled to be able to offer this breathtaking 1955-P mint state Franklin half dollar in top quality condition. Not only is the 1955-P Franklin the lowest mintage in the series but it is also extremely rare to find in blast-white condition in high grade with full bell lines. This is the ULTIMATE 1955-P Franklin! The luster is magnificent, the surfaces are extremely clean and the eye appeal is out of this world! I am telling you this is one tough example to come by and when it gets tucked away it might be years before you come across another. A good majority of the 1955-P
  3. If you are looking for a high quality 1956 Type 2 Franklin half dollar that borders right on the cusp of ULTRA CAMEO status in high grade check out this beauty right here. The cameo frost is INTENSE! Franklin and the Liberty bell are POPPING off beautiful jet-black fields. Around the reverse starting at 9:00 to 5:00 beautiful tangerine hues grace the rim adding to the eye-appeal this beauty already offers. This is a killer example! What is holding this example back from ULTRA status? If the fields were just a tad bit deeper this one would be designated ULTRA as the frost is ALL THERE! NG
  4. 1952-P mint state Franklin half dollars are tough to find with attractive color and this example right here not only offers attractive color but features color that is just hands down really unique! The obverse offers an absolutely gorgeous antique golden hue with hints of hot-pink framed with magenta and teal tones. The luster is unbelievable making the color sparkle and shine in your hand. The reverse takes center stage with the central portion bathed in a lovely baby blue with hints of gold swirling into electric bright shades of hot-pink, forest green, tangerine, ocean blue and purple.
  5. If you are looking for a bright white 1949-D mint state Franklin half dollar that offers mega luster, superb eye-appeal and an exceptional strike you need to check out this stunner right here! Now this is a KNOCKOUT!!!!!! Bright white surfaces grace both the obverse and reverse offering absolutely breathtaking luster. The strike is exceptional and the bell lines are crisp and bold. Talk about a recipe for rarity!!!!! The 1949-D mint state Franklin half dollar ranks in the top five rarest Denver mint Franklins to be certified in MS65FBL. NGC has only certified 259 examples to date in MS65
  6. Good afternoon NGC Members! I hope you all are busy boosting your immunity right now while I get ready to boost your mood! I just got in a phenomenal group of Silver Dollar Commemoratives and I am extremely happy to offer these examples in flawless MS70 condition. For those of you building a registry set I may have a few examples to bump you up on the NGC Registry right now. There are LOW MINTAGE RARITIES in this group! If you are looking for a great starter set for your kids and need some homeschool tools NOW this series is actually a fun learning tool to learn the history of the United
  7. Back from the Beach! I picked up this incredible find at the Long Beach show last week and I am thrilled to be able to offer a 1956 Type 2 proof Franklin that offers ULTIMATE cameo devices! This is a knockout! It has been quite some time since I've ran into a 1956 Type 2 proof Franklin with contrast this heavy. This find is quite the treat so to speak! Let me break down the rarity level of this extremely rare 1956 Type 2 proof Franklin. To start, this example is struck off one of the top dies for this issue that offers the HEAVIEST MATCHING obverse and reverse cameo devices. I a
  8. Good morning NGC members! Hope everyone is having a great week. I just listed some NEW Franklin half dollars on ebay. I have a great assortment for sale! If you are looking for quality check these stunners out. COLOR! CAMEO! BRIGHT WHITE LUSTROUS SURFACES! Here are the links to the Franklins for sale: 1950 Franklin half dollar NGC PF66CAMEO CAC 1952 Franklin half dollar NGC PF67CAMEO CAC 1956-P Franklin half dollar NGC MS66FBL 1959-P Franklin half dollar NGC MS65FBL 1960-D Franklin half dollar NGC MS65FBL 1961-D Franklin half dollar NGC
  9. Happy hump day! Hope everyone is having a great week. I have some blast-white fully brilliant spot-free Franklin half dollars in MS65FBL for sale. Please check them out! They are full of luster and offer solid bell lines and exceptional quality and eye-appeal. If you are building a fully brilliant MS65FBL NGC Registry set these would be a perfect fit. If you have any questions please throw them my way. Click HERE to see these stunning FBL Franklins. Hope you all have a great week! Jackie French "The Ultimate Coin Hunter"
  10. 1948-D mint state Franklins are extremely rare in high grade. Bag marks are a big issue and keeps these examples out of 66 realm. NGC has only certified 20 examples in MS66 and only 48 in MS66FBL. Locating examples in spot-free condition with bright luster are tough to come by. Attractive color toned examples are extremely tough to come by as well. Locating a high grade MS66FBL with attractive color is extremely rare! If you enjoy the fall colors you are going to fall for this beautiful color toned 1948-D Franklin. Sporting extremely unique color for this early Denver mint issue, it is qu
  11. Good morning NGC members! I have a great assortment of Cameo Franklin half dollars up for sale! Every single example offers Ultimate quality and eye-appeal for the date and grade. If you are interested in any of the following examples please contact Jackie French, the owner/founder of The Ultimate Coin Hunter . Looking to sell your cameo Franklin half dollars? Contact me, I am buying NOW! 1950 Franklin half dollar NGC PF 66 CAMEO CAC 1952 Franklin half dollar NGC PF 67 CAMEO CAC 1953 Franklin half dollar NGC PF 67 * CAMEO CAC 1954 Franklin half dollar NGC PF 68 * CAMEO
  12. Finding a 1956 Type 1 proof Franklin in high grade is no easy task, especially in cameo. This coin is phenomenal! I think this jewel definitely deserves a STAR. The cameo contrast on the obverse is in CAMEO+ territory. CAMEO+ contrast on a 1956 Type 1 proof Franklin on the obverse is extremely rare to come by. Flip this beauty over and BAM the Liberty bell is smothered in HEAVY snow-white ULTRA CAMEO frost. It doesn't get much better than this! The highest grade NGC has certified in ULTRA CAMEO is a PF 68 ULTRA CAMEO. This example comes extremely close to that status. The fields are deep black
  13. This 1955 proof Franklin is unbelievable on so many levels! First off this example is right on the cusp of Ultra Cameo status. The obverse is fully Ultra with CAKED snow-white frosted cameo devices. Flip this beauty over and the Liberty bell is dripping with snow-white frost as well just falling a tad short of Ultra status. Very deserving of the Star from NGC offering Ultimate eye-appeal. The jet-black fields are free of spots or haze. Do you know how rare 1955 proof Franklins are with this level of cameo contrast? NGC has only graded 126 total examples in all grades of Ultra Cameo. This is an
  14. This is one of the finest 1957 proof Franklins in a PF 68 Cameo holder. The obverse is fully Ultra! The contrast is absolutely unbelievable and so rare to find this heavily frosted. Wow! Flip this example over and more dripping cameo devices smother the Liberty bell. This coin is AMAZING! The surfaces are flawless to the eye! Slapped with a beautiful green CAC label. This is one of the best 1957 proof Franklins out there. Extremely rare in this condition. NGC has only graded 38 examples in PF 68 STAR CAMEO to date. NEW LISTING! Check out the reverse picture and pricing on this stunning 1