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  1. These are two 1970 cents. Any guess as to why the lettering is extra thick on the brown specimen? Possibly damage but this one seems different for some reason. Thanks for any information
  2. Any idea what would cause this kind of strange lettering in Liberty? Its a 1955 cent with thick but not doubled lettering. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  3. It turned out to be lighting. It was an MS coin. Thank you
  4. Yes but its just the angle that makes it look close. Under magnification its the same space. Really deceiving.
  5. I found three 92's in a roll and one of the AM looked close. I was wrong but check it out.... fooled..
  6. Too difficult to tell. Probably machine doubling. Oh well. Thanks though.
  7. Found this in a roll. Might not even be doubled just worn? Looks different than other 72's from rolls to me. Any knowledge regarding this coin would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Hi, Can anyone confirm this is a 98' Wide Am ? It's from a Lincoln cent roll. It was really awesome to find. But I wanted to make sure it was authentic. The AM is not perfect looking, but it looks pretty authentic to me. Thank you very much. It's much appreciated.
  9. Cool. Sure thing. Its in a holder (my thumbnail is torn, it's difficult to open ). Thanks!
  10. Yes, I had some time to find out about the 1968 d's this evening. Here is a link. Do you think it's one of these in the link? Thank you LC Doubled Dies Vol 2/1963DDDO001.htm#Stage C Photos
  11. I agree. But is it a heavily worn DD from a 63' D cent ? There is a perfect MS example of the doubling below, just for reference. Thank you
  12. Heavily worn example under magnification. Two photos of date from the coin and another photo of a regular 63 d for comparison. Not an expert but trying to learn. Greatly appreciate any replies. Thank you very much.