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  1. Thanks to everyone out there with the great feed back and enthusiasm and encouragement, It's almost like it was more than just me who found this one! You guys are wonderful taking time out of you day to do this for us on a regular basis. THANK YOU
  2. I can't believe that I've finally have found something that isn't a machine doubling! Now I've got to pay a little more attention to those Shield pennies, I usually just push them aside. THANKS to everyone out there!
  3. Thanks for the information on Liberty, I hadn't seen any of that anywhere. Should be a decent coin to send in to have graded. Hard telling from the pictures but do you think a grade of MS 64 may be correct?
  4. Sorry it took so long to take another picture but here it is for you, hope it's clear enough for you to see. I'm not too sure what to look for in Liberty and even in the Variety Plus picture I don't see anything. Thanks Greenstang for your help.
  5. Being a novice and I question what I think I see, but is there doubling going on here in the date? I would like your professional input on it. I see that in the variety plus it states some doubling in liberty but I don't notice it on this coin. Please if you would let me know what your thoughts are. Thank you
  6. Thank you Greenstang. I thought the same but wasn't sure of cleaning. What's your thoughts on the obverse? Glue also?
  7. Found this very interesting coin in a bank roll. My question to you is I'm not sure if this is a mint error or if it is a glue of some sort with a coin imprinted on it. The rear of the coin is directly behind what is happening on the front so that makes me wonder what my be going on.Front in my opinion is not any sort of glue and appears to have a slight imprint of the Memorial. Lincoln's bowtie has what I think is doubling. I was wondering if I dabbed a slight bit of acetone on the rear to find out if in fact it is glue or not. I'm never in favor of cleaning a coin but in this case I think I should rule out a substance on it to create this illusion.Has anyone seen anything like this before? Your input would be very appreciated.
  8. Is it possible to have a scratch on the planchet prior to stamping. With this coin it looks to me on one hand a scratch and on the other a die break. It is definitely under the 9's so I'm not sure.
  9. Thank you Just Bob for confirming my thought on it Sorry for the blurry pics was just wondering no big deal. Thanks again
  10. Found this one in a roll of circulated from the bank. I think it is a large date but would like for you guys to confirm that for me. Also what do you think of a grade? Thank you again
  11. Thank you Just Bob, that's probably the scenario. Like they mark everything damaged if not sure of what they are looking at.. It's still an interesting coin though.
  12. They returned it as "Surfaces Smoothed XF" This is why this coin confuses me so. I think that it far from smoothed, if anything it's roughed up by some talented person.