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  1. Interesting, I guess NGC is in on it too.. Turns out PCGS also had the same amazing idea.
  2. My guess is there will be a special commemorative- but nothing done on circulating coinage.
  3. What I don't get is why people slab proof coins for $18, when they have a market value of only $3. However, slabbing something like one of your Kempson tokens can be justified because if they aren't slabbed-- the oxygen oxidizes and the coin can be ruined-- and turn different colors. Below Is my favorite British Token, by the way...
  4. I don't slab. Too much money. And ANACS has some crazy ideas, by the way. Did you know you ANACS SLABS ROLLS OF COINS????? Ridiculous. Bonkers. Out of this world. However, slabs are good for protecting coins.