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  1. That is actually a good point and so true. All Spanish 8R's are rare, however the set is designed, it will never be like Morgan Dollars, the population will always low, and it will always seem like a mission impossible. Even the current existing Registry Sets for Spanish 8R's are difficult and impossible. But this then become a question that if the idea of “Registry Sets” should be applied to World Coins at all, rather than a question only on Spanish coins. The way I look at it as a collector in this field is that the Segovia set is at least slightly easier to build than an all-date-all-mint set of any of the kings (current existing Registry Sets). At least you have 1590, 1591/0, 1618, 1620, 1630's, 1728, these more available dates to finish 60% of a type set, then go further from there. This is something that more doable for collectors in 1-2 years.
  2. Hi Ali, I would like to request a competitive set of Spanish 8 Reales struck in the Segovia Mint from 1586 to 1729. The Segovia mint was the king's private mint, started to strike coins with the Habsburg family patent rolling dies. The mint started to strike the iconic Spanish shield type 8R since 1586. These were the first milled coins of the Spanish mainland. The series is uniform, continuous, all-dated, historical and very collectible, covering Spanish history from the "Golden Age" of Philip II all the way to the "Bourbon Reform" of Philip V. I would suggest sets like: 8 Reales, Segovia Mint, All Dates from 1586 to 1729 8 Reales, Segovia Mint, Philip II 8 Reales, Segovia Mint, Philip III 8 Reales, Segovia Mint, Philip IV 8 Reales, Segovia Mint, Charles II 8 Reales, Segovia Mint, Philip V 8 Reales, Segovia Mint, Type Set of the Previous Five Kings etc. The current Spanish Real Coinage competitive sets are fun. I'm #1 for 8 Reales for Philip V, but I have noticed that very few people registered their coins. Part of the reason is that the overall size of the Spanish 8R series is simply too large, with some rarities not available ever in history... I've seen very few collectors collect coins from all mints with all dates of one king. Instead, they collect by types or go with one mint (like me). I hope you can consider my request. If it is too much to add all these sets, I would suggest at least add the All Dates set. Thank you and best, CYF