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  1. My uncle and I took, the coins he inherited, to a couple coin dealers to find out which ones he should seen off to be graded. And three of them came back as Details: Whizzed. Do Whizzed coins have a value?
  2. Okay... that is as good as I can get it.
  3. I am trying to learn the process, so I look at each coin. Sometimes my eyes play tricks on me. I am making me a reference notebook for me and my family so we can have examples of different types of varieties.
  4. Really? I thought it looked like stage C of 1925-S DDO-001, 1-O-VI. I am hoping to get the hang of this one day. http://www.varietyvista.com/01a%20LC%20Doubled%20Dies%20Vol%201/1925SDDO001.htm
  5. Sorry, she realized later that "error" was in the title and could not go back and edit it.
  6. I found two 2019-D Lowell quarters that I believe contain varieties. I would love to get everyone opinion. Thanks in advance!
  7. Okay, my first 1955 that might have something. Let me know if you agree or not: 1) Liberty: “BET” DDO-003? 2) Date: “1” looks like there is a little doubling? 3) Die clash at throat? 4) As for IN GOD WE TRUST, I don’t know, I think some of the letters are doubled?