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  1. Unfortunately, I am inclined to agree. When's the last time you saw one or received one in change? And yet, as rarely seen or used as it has been, it is worth little over its face value, if that. I would advise the OP to hold onto it. The only people who appreciate this coin -- and its cousin the "Ike" are children who have never seen one much less spent one. Funny how the so-called "coin shortage" they keep talking about does not include the halves or dollars.
  2. That it is, but I would caution against attempting to abate the abrasions (until the art of conservation has progressed enough to inspire complete confidence). A real jewel, nevertheless.
  3. With all due respect... verdigris is but one form of patina. I would like to suggest the OP, whether a coin collector or not, investigate these further on a search engine such as Google to get a full grasp of what each is. There are many causes of such environmental damage and familiarizing yourself with each will help you understand how and why these phenomena occur and the best course of action to take.
  4. Why not speak to someone at Douglas Winter Numismatics (RareGoldCoins.com) or Stacks-Bowers Galleries (StacksBowers.com) on the West Coast (California) at 800.458.4646, or East Coast (New York) at 800.566.2580, or by e-mail at Info@StacksBowers.com, or StacksBowers.com
  5. Ah... the price guide. Since when is a compilation the go-to authority on all things coin-ish? I have spent thousands on Roosters, and guess what? Not a one has appeared in any of the highly-vaunted price guides of TPGS. It appears a symbiotic relationship exists between Heritage Auctions and N.G.C. It wasn't until I stumbled onto a re-run of Pawn Stars that I inadvertently discovered why. An NGC expert (whose specific specialty is Ancients) Rick relies upon for advice made an off-hand remark to a customer who thought the coin he brought in for examination surely had to be worth mu
  6. I am afraid Lancek hit this on the head. I don't know what this. But I certainly know what it is not. And we still need a shot of that other side -- and the presence of any extant reeding. Guess we will all have to be patient.
  7. [Unfortunately, this is about as far as the Moderators will let this conversation go. Times change, people change. How you feel about this matter depends on how old you are, your knowledge of the state's history and where you were in the 1950's and 1960's. There are whole blocs of people who cannot vote by law in Florida and the shenanigans in Philly whereby voting districts recorded 100% voting for a single candidate are legion. I will return to Mississippi (and Alabama) someday -- but only with my wife in the front seat and my wife in the back. Gentlemen, I must go now before s
  8. [Having been eviscerated in these columns for examining my coins with a 30-power loupe, it pleases me to no end a fellow member unabashedly admits to using a microscope! With your extraordinary visual aid in tow, comes a mystery... if in fact the break you cite on Monticello's east "wall," is in fact just that, why are there steps leading up to to it much like those at the main entrance? (One day, I hope to get to the bottom of exactly who those ghostly figures are gazing out of the windows of the left portico of Monticello -- or whether it is simply an illusion.) The photographs you have pro
  9. The "right" weight -- despite possible acid etching, serious alteration, and a harsh cleaning! What an I missing here? Maybe it's also had a hip replacement, too. It's almost as old as I am. Tip from a rank amateur: Me. The older a coin gets, the more difficult diagnosing its symptoms becomes. Elsewhere on this site I made mention of all the one-cent pieces littering NYC streets paved with asphalt. I defy anyone to correctly diagnose an "assault by asphalt-embedded coins." And one more thing... there has to be a cut-off date for coins damaged by environmental forces or chemical agent
  10. [Probably one of the finest, most insightful threads ever posted on this Forum -- with at least one follower!]
  11. I, perhaps, bit off more than I could chew. What the young gentleman, who specializes in Ancients at NGC was saying was whatever the auction prices realized at sale at an auction house like Heritage's dictated because they appeal to a vast audience rather than an unusually high price that just happened to have been realized in one sale. Come to think of it, that was what the NGC expert was maintaining, and it made sense. Yes, you, and I, may have been prepared to go higher but our stratospheric bid is not FMV, only a benchmark of what had been achieved for a specific coin
  12. [Agreed; incidentally, now that I have less Ignorers than VKurtB's got followers, can we bury the hatchet and become friends?)