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  1. Theres 3 pcgs authorized coin dealers in my area and none of them mentioned any possibility of counterfeit
  2. Well I called the phone number that was hand written on a piece of paper and govmint bought the company "pcs" that originally sold that set of silver coins the receipt was definitely deceiving none the less a pretty cool handful of stuff
  3. I'm just a guy who stumbled upon some coins just to clear that up. I'm in no way an expert or even semi knowledgeable when it comes to coins I'm here seeking knowledge thanks
  4. Well that's why I'm on a coin forum no need to be snide thanks for your imput
  5. Well he did and he kept buying coins this was purchased in 89
  6. Yea I'm about 110% sure they're all real the old man was a coin collector and was even buying coins from the treasury since at least 1916 that was the date on the envelope that he purchased a draped bust quarter in with the certificate of authenticity. Sad to say I was only able to get about an 1/8th of the collection he was damn near giving them away and he was even carrying most of them loose in a fanny pack if I would have gotten to him sooner I would probably be holding about 15 gold coins in possibly ms66 -69 quality and a fortune in other denominations this guy should be tried for treas
  7. I think they're definitely more valuable than they're willing to let on I'm definitely getting them graded thanks alot for your imput this was taken with a way better camera
  8. I expect 1 or 2 of them to come back ms65 the rest I'm not sure but I've looked at the same coins graded at ms64 in local coin shops and the 2 1/2 Indian is in my opinion definitely in better condition and the local dealers all want to buy them right at melt and are trying to convince me there xf or vf quality only one was honest and told me grading is subjective and are definitely worth sending in these coins are between 85 and 150 years old they take that into consideration especially with gold because of how easy bag Mark's are made so I think my coins are all except 2 in at least ms63 to
  9. I had the 3 pcgs authorized dealers in my area look at them and one said the 1926 10$ Indian was a Lebanese counterfeit but but he offered me 600$ for it anyway and he claimed that the R in liberty was an omega symbol but I've studied the coin extensively and I see no signs of a counterfeit well see what happens but I'm gonna to spend the money and get em graded
  10. No they weren't stolen they were passed down to someone I know after his grandfather passed and he was going to pawn them so I offered him the melt value and he gladly accepted he kept everything except the gold because there were receipts and certificates of authenticity from the us treasury for some of them dating back to 1916 these coins have been sitting in a box for close to 80 years probably the pictures really dont show you the real state of the coin it was hard to focus on them so they look blurry and scratchy the coins show no wear only a few bag Mark's and one is struck a little off
  11. These cell phone pictures dont do the coins justice but I'm going to get them graded and see what happens but I just stumbled upon these and I believe I'll get a 66 or 67 on 2 or 3 of these and I just want some input from collectors and professionals on what to expect as far as return i paid melt price for them with Hope's of coming close to 50k but would be happy with 10-20k thanks alot