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  1. What is the definition of a "slider"?
  2. I'm new to the world of pennies and am looking to purchase a 1909-S VDB penny in MS. But I see that this penny comes with further classifications of BN (brown?) and RB (red brown?) ( and maybe more?). My question is, which classification is more desirable and/or worth more -- the BN or RB? Thank you in advance for your help.
  3. With on 30,000 minted, I think it had the potential to appreciate in value as the 1995-W ASE did. I'm curious as to what the audience thinks?
  4. Excellent video !! If you have a mailing list of videos, please add me !!
  5. This is my first Journal Post, so please bear with me. I'm in a quandary I purchased a rare 1893-O Morgan in AU53 from one dealer's website and the pictures were great and the price reasonable.. I cannot afford anything over a AU53. Once I received this AU53 Morgan it did have pretty good eye appeal without magnification. It is more "white" when looking at it with my bare eye. However, under 7x magnification is EXTENSIVELY bagmarked which takes away from its eye appeal in my opinion. Now, along my internet travels, along comes a 1893-O Morgan from another dealer's internet site that is an AU50 but with a CAC sticker at a $55 discount to what I paid for the AU53. The picture is just "OK" with the coin showing some black rub and some distracting marks, but now I know now that an internet picture can be made to look anyway the photographer wants it to look. So, this AU50 is CAC-stickered but, in my opinion from the picture, the eye appeal isn’t as nice with the black rub and all. Now the quandary. I can still return the AU53 with no financial penalty so I don't know what to do. Does a CAC sticker tell the buyer that much or add that much value if/when I decide to sell? Do collectors out there buy for eye appeal or potential resale value down the line? Should I just hold out until I can afford a Mint State 1893-O? if you can't tell already, I'm new to coin collecting, so any guidance/opinions are really appreciated as is your opinion on how or what to do to solve my quandary. Thank you in advance
  6. Personally, I would love to own a Mint State 1916 Standing Liberty, but I don't think that's gonna happen any time soon. One can only dream.
  7. Thank you both for your opinions. Very helpful !! Anyone else wanna weigh in?
  8. Question for the group (All opinions welcomed) I have the opportunity to purchase a rare 1893-O Morgan in either AU50 or AU53. The AU53 Morgan has slightly better eye appeal (in that it is more "white". However, under 7x magnification is extensively bagmarked. The bagmarking is hard to appreciate without magnification) but is slightly more expensive than the AU50 (by about $55). The AU50 is CAC-stickered but, in my opinion, the eye appeal isn’t as nice.In your opinions, which is the better choice to buy? Does a CAC sticker add that much value if/when I decide to sell? Thank you in advance for your opinions MOC
  9. When entering a Cert number for a PCGS coin to the registry, do I enter the entire number, or just the numbers that appear after the backwards slash? Thank You
  10. Hello, I was awarded a "Best Presented Set" award for the NGC Registry Competition . Thank you SO MUCH. I am humbled and honored. My question is when will I be receiving the plaque, and when (if ever) does the $500 grading credit expire? Thank you again!!
  11. Looking to complete my Morgan Silver Dollar collection-- my next special buy will be an 1893-S Morgan Silver Dollar in at least an XF-45 grade. If anyone has one, or a line on one, please let me know or email me at Thanks !!