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  1. I bought this coin for fun wasn’t that much money but I couldn’t resist the cool artfulness design on this coin. It’s really a commemorative type of coin to celebrate Queen Elizabeth Silver jubilee
  2. Nice 1945 restrike gold Mexican 2 pesos, I think it been undergraded again I won’t send it back in for regrading ...
  3. 2018 Tuvalu good luck rotating charm coin , low mintage of 3,000 again a cool coin from Penrith mint .
  4. 2016 Tuvalu yin yang rotating charm from Penrith mint only 3,000 were made I bought it cause I like rotating ball in middle of coin which is pretty cool 😎
  5. 69 to 70 grade isn’t much of a difference at all when grading ,if it has a Milk spot it will definitely get a 68 or 69 ... in fact I never send in bullion coins for grading such a waste of time they always come back a 69 ... I don’t even think graders even looked at the coins , just look at submissions forms say “yep, this guy a regular collector with a small account with us , and he sent a bunch silver eagles we will 69 them all with our eyes closed !” 🤣 I looked at several 69s and 70s I could not tell difference but the 70s I did see behind them stood a happy dealer with high price tag motivated to sell, they send in Bulk loads of coins lucky 4-5 come back a 70s one guy I work with sent in a bunch of silver eagles to PCGS he just started collecting wish he would of told me instead of wasting his hard earned money on grading/slabbing fees 4 came back MS68 the rest were MS69s he was very disappointed 😔 to me 69 and 70 is nothing but a bunch of modern market hype Baloney!
  6. Did they give it a special code for variety or double die like FS-001 or something ...
  7. I’m no expert , I once found two 1969-S double dies (well I assumed they were) turned out it mechanical doubling worth nothing ... later I went to coin show a dealer had a true strong 1969-S double die , you could easily see it was doubled all over the coin not just the date in god we trust , liberty , date as well you didn’t even need loupe to see it , easily seen with a naked eye
  8. Well the Netherlands 1/2 , 1/4 and 1/10 all should be silver. In your picture they don’t look tin or fake , I don’t know who would waste time faking a couple of low end circulated environmental damaged Netherlands gulden coins which are common can bought and found anywhere ... If you small digital weight scale you can also weigh them if the weight is right or very close to weight you can convince yourself it’s the real deal .... These are recommended weights 1/2 Gulden 5.000g 1/4 Gulden 3.180g 1/10 Gulden 1.250g
  9. Look like all business strikes. 1964 is the most common date , nothing to write back home about.. It doesn’t look like any of them are SMS 1964 with the die marker on “4” which is very rare only 12 are known ...
  10. Still looks nice on reverse of coin looked like it had Full split bands ! Hard tell if it been wiped ? Or if it been improperly Dipped at one time and cleaning solution wasn’t rinsed off properly . Pictures are kinda blurry . I’ve seen far worse ! This is a nice example of 1942/41 even with a detail on it ...
  11. Your spot on the CDN is the most current and best up to date pricing a good look at greysheet normally gives you idea of spread what a coin will sell at wholesale to a dealer that’s one thing that’s great about CDN . When folks ask me when it time to sell coins they inherit from a family member I always point them toward Greysheet give them idea of wholesale level what to expect that of coins were slabbed . If they weren’t slabbed I pointed them to get the collection appraised by 2 different dealers or a 3rd dealer if they don’t feel fully satisfied with appraisal values both retail and wholesale,then refer to greysheet see if they really want to sell to a dealer
  12. And last time I looked into the redbook or retail book the values were based on grades . Not slabs brand names . They need come out with a retail boom for plastic slabs . Cause it sure seems our market today is based on plastic and not the coin itself
  13. Not always do they price lower than NGC/PCGS ... it all depends if it’s a key date or semi keydate I’ve seen some ICG/ANACS coins price right up with PCGS/NGC coins doesn’t mean anyone is buying them though ... problem I see with some dealers that they only deal with PCGS they mark up all their coins anywhere 5%-15% more than NGC coins simply because their coin has PCGS logo on it ... to me a MS65 is an MS65 I don’t care if it’s PCGS/NGC/ANACS if I feel the coin meets the grade I’ll buy it. Most folks don’t know how grade a coin if you stick with a specific series of coins sooner or later you’ll learn how grade coins in that series yourself to be able to make a better judgment if coin is worth the price or not Our coin collecting “hobby” took a major turn over last few decades... turned into a Coin “value” market more than collecting I hear it all time at shows collectors talking about how valuable their coins are seems like they treat every coin as a Money making transaction or profit when truth is as a collector we lose more money selling coins that we paid to obtain coins for our collection... Just like the PCGS crew/dealers/collectors believe their coins are worth more and more superior over same coin graded in a different holder with same grade on it ... I don’t drink that kind of kool-aid. Normally I skirt away from dealer who only specialize only in PCGS coins only with high prices I’m not going to feed their “market money making hype”
  14. Red book values are not always a true “current market value” the market fluctuations changes a coin’s value on weekly basic or monthly basic only way know is this is look at online auctions and sales you’ll get an idea where market and values are heading ... Red-book vaules are usually drawn up at end of the year it more of a “ball-park” figure what a coin can get on market however Coins are bought at good deals all time way below rebook values and nobody knows it, it between the buyer and seller to agree on the price for that specific coin alone . Silver eagles are a pretty common bullion coin prices are all over for them nothing is dead on redbook value however there are a few key dates in silver eagle series that calls for high prices I only look at red book when I’m looking up a series to find keydates or semi-keydates rarely do I even purchase a redbook anymore everything is online these days