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  1. I feel your pain! Did you get these directly from the mint or dealer ? Hopefully they take them back . Hopefully you can get a replacement if they aren’t all sold out . You should contact mint directly show them the pictures of gouge on the coin
  2. I’m in the same boat as you scratching my head what is all glitter and glamour about graded bullion ? I can see building registry then again there’s hundreds of top pop coins being graded by end of the year prices slowly start to decline for that graded coins I can see some graded bullion with low mintages (1000-3000) especially low mintage proofs I can see them in graded holders as a collectors coin along with pure bullion metal . It’s cool it keeps the grading companies busy other than that it is what it is dealers see this as market opportunity I’ve seen dealers get rid of 50% of their cla
  3. I was always told thats the way to do it , if a person wants to get the most for their money when buying bullion for precious metal buy silver bullion in bulk . If you buy one at time you’re wasting your money sometimes on high dealer premiums for a single silver round .
  4. Welcome to the 70’s club … yeah that’s a good buy for 70 grade coin considering the slabbing fees and shipping insurance and cost and long turn around time . Sometimes it’s just easier to buy the coin already slabbed by dealer or another collector save yourself the hassle , what’s been going on that I learned is a lot of these modern silver bullion coins are getting the 70 grades at one time it was hard to get that grade prices were really high (seems now grading have gone on lose side of market awarding 70 grades have gotten out of hand) . Now a days its more easier to get that grade
  5. Speaking of bullion coins , I noticed bullion coins from other countries carry nice premium over some graded silver eagles , some of the world modern silver bullion coins are worth sending in for grading even if it comes back graded 69 (depends on mintage if it’s low some series bullion is less than 1000 minted) . I have about a dozen or so bullion coins I’ve bought raw still thinking about sending them in at end of year for grading probably just send proofs in for grading since I had pay over $100 for them since they were scarce … the rest of BU coins can sit in airtite capsules not worth sen
  6. To this day I never ever owned a graded silver eagle let alone a proof , I go to any coin show there is not one dealer who doesn’t have a stock pile of silver eagles you can buy they are a beautiful bullion coin , I can’t see myself paying high premium for a graded silver eagle unless I was building registry set it makes sense , they were massed produced in high mintage figures nothing to write back home about
  7. Oh , I forgot unless you have 1995-W silver eagle proof that’s worth getting graded even in 69 grade they bring strong premiums
  8. That’s a matter of what you prefer ? Would you rather them be graded for resale value ? Or do you prefer just looking at them from time to time in the original boxes without worrying about grades ? A lot collectors buy silver eagles keep them in original boxes , some prefer graded coins PF70 grades for registry sets … If you did send one in and get the PF70 grade you could sell it for nice premium but otherwise 69 grade is a typical graded coin with a slight small premium (considering grading and slabbing fees) compared to Raw silver eagle in a box that covers not much to profit there money wi
  9. If your speaking of variety tier during grading , I believe they have may have a knowledgeable grader who knows more about variety coins and error coins . The other typical graders grade the average typical coins , they may also grade your coin that you think is a variety . At the end they probably land on grader’s desk who is more experienced at looking at error coins to determine if it’s really a variety or error or not that’s why you probably pay and extra fee they have to do extra leg work look up the type of variety .
  10. I believe there is “no real value” specifically for BIE variety cents it’s more of error coin market there really no hardcore market value to determine or to decide what real price should be you can look at some of BIE cents get idea what they “maybe selling for” doesn’t mean “who buying them at that price” I see a lot BIE cents with odd prices , they are just sit there until someone willing to pay that price or haggle the price down to buy it if they want it badly enough … The BIE cents are not no where near caliber of a more popular 1955 double die cent or 1972 double die cent , or 3 legged
  11. The BIE is a variety I think grading companies don’t bother listing it on slab cause it’s common variety on Lincoln wheat cent through the years
  12. I have a friend who into that long range bench shooting , when ever they go black bear hunting they set up long range gun (some caliber I never heard of) 2 years ago they shot a black bear at little over 900 yards , a group of hunters pushed the bear out it ran up mountain top stepped out on open powerline 900 yards away … that’s furthest they ever killed anything it was 435lbs black bear … last year I helped another friend move a lathe and milling machine in his garage he was starting a gunsmithing business , he showed me a couple of bench guns he made in gunsmithing school , Man
  13. Many years ago a Marine on shooting range once told me I can sight my 30/06 Remington 760 pump rifle dead on a 25 yards it will be able to shoot me out to 200 yards still on vital target of a deer … I’m not a rifleman I only own 1 deer rifle for over 35 years I’ve used Remington 760 gamemaster (30/06) with factory ammo since I’ve sighted it in at 25 yards it hold true on deer out 200 yards rarely do I shoot that far anyways most of deer are killed within 150 yards or less but I know that gun isn’t deadly accurate but for deer hunting a sloppy pump rifle does the job it ain’t no where as accura
  14. Were you in the military? When you say meters , my oldest son is a Marine when ever he can come home to hunt with me he takes the opportunity last year he harvested a deer he said “Dad I shot this deer at about 100 meters” we all say “yards” although meters are longer than yards I’m just not used to hearing meters all time … I notice military people use meters more than yards to describe distance
  15. Ever shoot golf balls with a shotgun ? I used bring few golf balls with me toss them out in front of the barrel hold gun up to my shoulder one handed while other hand tossed ball out in front of gun if you hit it right that ball will fly like 400-500 yards like a rocket . I didn’t hit every golf ball but I hit most of them I learn that trick from Tom Knapp shotgunning trick shooter … Right now ammo too precious and hard to come by and too expensive you won’t find me goofing off and shooting golf balls this year. I mostly shoot oddball gauges like 16GA and 28GA ammo real PITA to find for those