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  1. Agree ! World coins are very complexing there so many of them out there no way we can hands on all of them ... I do like designs on some of these older world coins it amazes me designers were that crafty getting fine details into set of dies back that then , hands down some of best designs I’ve ever seen on coins and metals came from the old world ! Makes our US coins look rather boring sometimes
  2. I’ll admit some of modern stuff coming out of the mint looks cool ...After awhile we do get bored looking at classic coins they all look same looooong series just different mint Mark or year date , the last modern coins I bought from mint was Gold 2016-W mercury dime, standing Liberty quarter , and walking liberty half... I ordered few modern coins from Perth mint , lately I been buying few Graded world coins from Europe old old stuff from 1600-1800 something different to keep me interested
  3. I’ve seen younger guys selling a lot modern bullion like painted Spider-Man coins and stuff like that ... I’ve noticed a lot younger dealers flooding market when silver and gold went up a while back “buying silver and gold, top prices paid” then when they are going out of business “buy gold now !” Yeah I’m not that dumb to buy gold when price is sky high that’s the wrong time to buy gold we buy gold when price settles back down ... even on TV I was sick seeing the ADs buy gold now! When price of gold was $1,300-$1,400 an ounce ... trapshooter , do you shoot trap for enjoyment , years ago when I was younger in my 20’s I used to shoot registered targets with ATA used to travel all around shooting competitively (I was okay at it , I was a 26 yard handicap shooter) been longtime since I shot trap , I’m probably rusty as heck if I ever do return . However I still hunt rabbits with beagles I can still hit rabbits on ground buy a flying clay target another story
  4. Even gunshows are starting to see newer generation isn’t interested in collecting older antique guns , they rather have the newer guns and stuff, we could probably say that for collecting for just about everything baseball cards , antique cars and so on ... are we really the last of our kind and generation that is serious about our hobby or keeping it alive ? Yeah I could see “cost of living” keeping younger folks out of hobby simply because money is better used for living expense
  5. I think you said better than I could , there not enough fingers on my hands to say how many times my kids called me up “dad I need borrow money to make my car payment , or Dad I need money to pay a bill” yeah Dad has a little extra money on side to spare ... youngsters just don’t understand what it like to do without things we need the most , and frankly, I worry about my collection these days I spend on quality rather than quantity my collection got a lot smaller these days finding a buyer is getting harder and harder Sure we all would love to own a $10,000 single coin if we could , finding another buyer to sell that coin to ? That’s even harder in that price range not everyone in hobby is walking around with pockets that deep , I try to keep my cost at the most under $400 per coin my collection is down to 45 coins these days
  6. It been awhile since I been on here I used come on here all time , lately family , work , surgery kept me away from my hobby of coin collecting . I Recently started collecting world coins I’m taking a break from my US coin collecting . About few months ago I had my daughter at local small coin show with me she 18 now , I also have 2 older sons as well I used take them to coin shows few times when they were little ... Anyways we were looking at Morgan dollars one of most common coins we see just about every dealers table ... I was showing my daughter “wow look at this Morgan 1882-S MS66 $200” it was nice coin , she said to me what difference ? Coin next to it looks the same just about every dealer table has Morgan dollars until your eyes bleed ! You can’t miss it , she some what right also prices throw her off there tons of MS66 Morgan dollars out there why prices so high ? Not everyone buying them ... I explained to her that’s the way market is ... the Market is sky high on prices these days it amazes me people even have the money to spend on coins of higher quality I’m fortunate to grow with grandfather who showed me passion of collecting , seems like 60’s, 70’s, 80’s even 90’s we were exposed to this hobby not greedy about prices and money .... today I see a lot lesser kids or younger folks at coin shows , I’m beginning to wonder if future of coin collecting and market will be strong as it is today ? We all are growing older , we will need pass our collection off or sell it . How can we sell our Collections if no younger people aren’t interested in spending thousands and thousands of dollars for a collection ? How will dealers make a decent pay on coins or stay in business if not enough younger people aren’t interested in the hobby ? I see more and more younger people are interested in technology and electronics... it makes me wonder
  7. I bought this coin for fun wasn’t that much money but I couldn’t resist the cool artfulness design on this coin. It’s really a commemorative type of coin to celebrate Queen Elizabeth Silver jubilee
  8. Nice 1945 restrike gold Mexican 2 pesos, I think it been undergraded again I won’t send it back in for regrading ...
  9. 2018 Tuvalu good luck rotating charm coin , low mintage of 3,000 again a cool coin from Penrith mint .
  10. 2016 Tuvalu yin yang rotating charm from Penrith mint only 3,000 were made I bought it cause I like rotating ball in middle of coin which is pretty cool 😎
  11. 69 to 70 grade isn’t much of a difference at all when grading ,if it has a Milk spot it will definitely get a 68 or 69 ... in fact I never send in bullion coins for grading such a waste of time they always come back a 69 ... I don’t even think graders even looked at the coins , just look at submissions forms say “yep, this guy a regular collector with a small account with us , and he sent a bunch silver eagles we will 69 them all with our eyes closed !” 🤣 I looked at several 69s and 70s I could not tell difference but the 70s I did see behind them stood a happy dealer with high price tag motivated to sell, they send in Bulk loads of coins lucky 4-5 come back a 70s one guy I work with sent in a bunch of silver eagles to PCGS he just started collecting wish he would of told me instead of wasting his hard earned money on grading/slabbing fees 4 came back MS68 the rest were MS69s he was very disappointed 😔 to me 69 and 70 is nothing but a bunch of modern market hype Baloney!
  12. Did they give it a special code for variety or double die like FS-001 or something ...
  13. I’m no expert , I once found two 1969-S double dies (well I assumed they were) turned out it mechanical doubling worth nothing ... later I went to coin show a dealer had a true strong 1969-S double die , you could easily see it was doubled all over the coin not just the date in god we trust , liberty , date as well you didn’t even need loupe to see it , easily seen with a naked eye
  14. Well the Netherlands 1/2 , 1/4 and 1/10 all should be silver. In your picture they don’t look tin or fake , I don’t know who would waste time faking a couple of low end circulated environmental damaged Netherlands gulden coins which are common can bought and found anywhere ... If you small digital weight scale you can also weigh them if the weight is right or very close to weight you can convince yourself it’s the real deal .... These are recommended weights 1/2 Gulden 5.000g 1/4 Gulden 3.180g 1/10 Gulden 1.250g