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  1. You made some good points i had forgotten about as counterfeit and cleaning.
  2. hello everyone. I wanted to purchase a double eagle coin and should i purchase raw or graded? Wanted to add to my coin collection.
  3. my problem is if someone owns a coin shop and is grading pricing coins based on industry standards they thats what i should be buying. As i said this coin dealer did give me full refund when i brought the raw coin i bought graded.
  4. Your right everybody has had it happen to them. I wish this hobby wasn’t big business.
  5. I have been going there for years so guess trusted the owner He was quite upset when i brought back the coin graded.
  6. I do love collecting old coins, but really should have checked it out better. The cleaning was under new toning so may have been old cleanng.
  7. I took your advise took the coin back and received full refund
  8. So bought an 1822 50c local coin shop they graded it XF but when i sent to ngc for grading and encapsulated came back VF details cleaning. Did notice hairlines under the dark toned coin. I normally don’t go out on a limb with raw coins and i know why.. inexperience.