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  1. Sorry. To me it look's like a struck over reverse of a nickel by the mouth & nose.
  2. No acid/coke damage, has it's normal shine, smooth, and I believe was struck that way.
  3. Thank you for your time. My pic's are not that good but it is a D
  4. D mint mark on the top or coins reverse
  5. Bob what are the letters between "in god we trust" ? & it look's like a liberty.
  6. It is hard to tell.& it's not trust I see now but I can see SE
  7. Hey I took some better pics Of the coin. Would you mind taking another look and tell me what you think?
  8. Yes sorry. In between trust and the face. It looks like there's a smaller version of trust.
  9. To the left side of the face it looks like it says "trust"
  10. All of the big letters are victim of abuse.