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  1. OK thank you for the info on the subject . This is my coin friend of mine pointed this out
  2. Greenstang. I found this on NGC It could be a match to my coin What I think They’re saying experimental coin? https://www.ngccoin.com/news/article/7357/first-strike-delaware-quarters/
  3. Ok thank you I will go look the varieties
  4. Nice thank you for your time & Help
  5. Ok I will.& ok thank you. Did you see the pics of the 1955 penny you Wanted
  6. I’m still trying to get past Being coin stupid. I’m sorry for mixing them up Looks like there might of been something going on at the top of the last 2 eight
  7. Hey I was just wondering if this was A variety error. Thank you all
  8. Just seeing if you guys would have to put a grade on this what would it be. & thank you for your time
  9. Yes you guys are both right Someone sent me a message saying it is a Counterclash?
  10. Yes I understand thatI’m just trying to point out the areas as a newbie Like in my close-up of the Eye There is two eye. One next to it on the nose
  11. I think it’s double struck / multiple strikes? Your help and thoughts would be appreciated
  12. Could it be a type one and type two ?
  13. Is this 1944 D/S penny. Thank you all for your time
  14. I was just wondering if this Penny could be scratched from the Planchet?. Because it kind a looks like it was trying to form another design
  15. I did see it somewhere I just can’t remember where. Me myself I don’t know how to tell the difference But someone will
  16. Yes I know that’s the year they changed the Reduce the weight. I though that there was an Plancha error in the 80’s US and Canadian
  17. Is there a US 1982 penny on a Canadian 3.2 g planchet
  18. Hey guys. I have a 1982 penny 3.2 Grams Looks funny to me Is it a double die I would appreciate any help.
  19. Looks like there's letters under the date