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  1. Thank you for your info one more question. How would you determine steel Plated Zinc
  2. how can you tell the difference between one that’s done at the mint and 1 that someone did at home?
  3. Greenstang. I got a private message saying it’s from The Joshua and Ally Walsh Collection
  4. 2.8 / 2.9 grams Could this be a strikethrough? Or a overstruck? It looks like it might have features from another coin
  5. I’m just saying it does look a lot like the 1944 experimental
  6. That is the Color. 3.0 grams Not magnetic
  7. I don’t really know what to ask about this penny. It is shiny Any information would be appreciated.
  8. Yes I will eventually end up sending it in
  9. Looks like a pole running through it look Look at this I took upside down picture of the mouth from the side Looks like a pole running through it look
  10. Funny looking dime Could it be a 2.4 grams Doubled Die or Die Clash?
  11. hey guys is this a proof variety Double die. it’s 2.7Grams
  12. Thank you so it is a Off-center uniface strike. I payed $5 is that a good price
  13. It’s 3.1 g Could it be mixed Metal And the reverse looks like it might have another design. The reason I say mixed metal When I zoom in with a USB micro scope It looks shiny like steel but it’s not magnetic
  14. Nice.There are RPM & D over S together
  15. Thank you. I was just taking another look at the D And the bottom looks like a sideways S
  16. Hey guys I could use your help again determine whether or not if this is a double die? & thank you
  17. I don’t know what it is exactly called but I Wanted to share with you guys thought it was pretty cool.
  18. Just bob. It looks pretty good to me