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  1. Yeah it’s weird I took a dry Q-tip to it and just lightly rubbed it and it shined up I have no idea but it solid
  2. Hey any ideas what happened to this penny
  3. On the reverse There looks like there’s a thumbprint ? And is a thumbprint from examining the coin? Thank you
  4. What is a Loc blank Planchet look like
  5. I know people mess with coins all the time. But how is it possible to bring a coin down to the weight level of this one and for there to be any detail left
  6. Probably someone just messing around But I figured I’d put it up to see what you guys think.
  7. Thank you guys for your help. I’m trying to learn the rim difference This coin game isn’t easy
  8. Hey guys. This 1990 Penny Has a nice wink when you turn it in the light. And I don’t know how to tell a proof coin from A regular straight coin could you help ?
  9. Can you guys help me with this one Is this a Re-punched mint mark ? And also the color dark Any ideas
  10. I think this is a rpm Your thoughts would be appreciated