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  1. Haha yeah, I ended taking it out and putting in a dollar flip and a 2.5 to send it back.
  2. Got the coin, looks real, but harshly cleaned. I didn't check it out any further, returning it to the seller. Learning that these guys have a way of taking pictures that hide cleaning.
  3. The seller said he thought it was real but possibly cleaned and that if I buy it, he wouldn't have a problem with me returning it if it didn't check out on my end. Since there's really nothing to lose, I went ahead a bought it. I think it's a pretty neat coin if real. Not quite nice enough for the set I'm trying to put together, but something I'll keep because I think it's kinda odd.
  5. Take it out of the holder, list it on Ebay as BU+++ GEM STUNNER! WOW! SUPER RARE KEY DATE! And some noob like myself will buy from you for 2x what's it's worth.
  6. No clue.. It's just a photo from a Ebay seller. I thought about buying it and checking it out, but if it's fake I would have to deal with shipping it back and getting refund.
  7. Well I guess I'm just being cheap and lazy. I'll have to try my best to get them in the right tier. A lot of them are in ICG holders, so I should be able to get them close. Switching from using my phone to the laptop has helped too.
  8. I have 15 peace dollars that I'm sending in and I'm having a hard time with putting them in the right tiers since I'm not sure what they're worth. I'm guessing half will be under $300 and the others maybe higher. Can I just group them all in under one tier and let the pros at ngc adjust the tiers and pricing or do I have to do my best at splitting them up? Big price difference between $20 and $35 if I put them in the wrong tier.
  9. How much do marks like these effect the grade of coins? Will this coin even grade without details? Oh and would restoration from a 3rd party grader be of any use or worth the money?
  10. Hi, new here and also new collecting. I'm wondering if any of you guys can help with grading this peace dollar and helping me determine if it's a matte or satin proof struck vam? I'm on the fence about if I should send it it to be graded and if it will even be recognized as such if it is.