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  1. One other thing. You listed a Homer Simpson $1 proof in your early release schedule and I believe the Perth Mint only produced the $1 proof in the Donut coin thus far. The Homer Simpson "DOH" was minted in BU only.
  2. You have just released the cutoff dates for the Simpson coins and you have two different cutoff dates for the $1 and $2 proofs even though they were both released on the same date. Shouldn't they both be the 21st of March and not one on the 5th of March and the other the 21st of March? My submission will be delivered on the 4th but maybe not actually opened until days later by NGC. If the 5th is the cutoff date (which should be the 21st IMO) will I get the first release designation?
  3. I just noticed one of my recently graded PF70's 2018 1/2 ounce Libertads RP's has a dark hair in the holder staring me right in the face on the obverse of the coin. Can I send this coin in to be reslabbed at NGC's expense? I hair inside a slab especially on a perfect coin is pretty disgusting.
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    But if the graders feel the grade will not improve then NCS will leave it in the slab? Who makes the call as whether or not the coin will improve with conservation. NGC or NCS. I would think NCS because they are the ones that have the hands on experience in the conservation process.
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    I think I found my answer to my question. If NGC does not think my coin will benefit from conservation then NCS will send the coin back to me with a $5 charge and shipping charges. Correct?
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    I just received a bunch of coins back from NGC grading and got a PF69 on a gold coin that I think can be conserved and then be regraded to a PF70. Is that something I can do? In other words can NCS look at the coin and if in their opinion the grade won't improve with conservation they can charge me and return the coin? Thanks Here is the issue with this RP 2018 Libertad. Looks like stains but could be scratches. Also, wouldn't of NGC notified me if they thought this could improve the grade or did it just slip by?
  7. Does anyone know if this coin just put out by the Perth Mint will have early release designation assigned to it? Thanks