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  1. I say NGC. Why because when I watch Rick Tomaska. He shows the grades from PCGS there always three four times higher. You want an inflated graded go to PCGS you want an honest grade NGC. You sell a so I from PCGS . It's a MS. 70. He sends it to NYC it grades MS 68. Now you have a oroblem. Thanks Be well and Be safe
  2. Hi Mike here again. Well it took a month buti received my tokens back from NGC my 1795 Middlesex came back. I knew it was in good shape MS 65 Red Brown. I was happy with that. I was upset they made two mistakes. Why? They broke up the group of token graders. Two out of eight. So until the group is back intact i will not send anymore in. Graders who only did ASE doing 230 year tokens . Just doesnt fit. Grades on the other seven a MS 61 i expected that the rest MS64 . The next batch will have tokens frim the new Birmingham mint i should get proof on two we will see. Be safe stay well. Mike
  3. Hi Mike here. A few years ago i bought two rolls of 1945 ten centavos. When i opened them up they were beautiful. Espically the roll with the Allen b i forget the number. The whole roll. !!Heratige sold some in MS 67 for a few thousand dollars i have a few MS 67 ready to go. I will get a reserve and hope i have that good luck. There worse than the 1955 cent. These were made in Denver. I will let you know. Mike
  4. Hi i hope your well during all this. NGC says there up and running. I know they have to be working with a limited staff.Now i just received an email from conservation! about one of my tokens. They said that its eligible for cleaning! What i won this at a very respectable auction. I chcked this when i receivednit with my loop. No marksn scratches nothing wrong with it. This i was afraidnp of peoole.who grade eagles all day now grading tokens. That are 230 years old. They dont know what there looking at.Dollars to donuts it was thebred on the token. I have many Red Brown. Now its corrision. I will melt it when it gets home. No guareente it will get a grade. Never had a problem all my tokens grade from 63 to 66 now this. After years carossion. There wrong inwill put it up if i ever get them back. And inwill wait till the token group is intact. Stay healthy wealthey and wise. Wait till this virus is over
  5. Dont you buy these medals.at estate sales? You did nor redack one of your buys. They go for a low price. The goverment espically the Tresurary department makes.these on order of the president or congress. These are not medals for the public. There for the individual they were made for. I so not see any numasitic value in these.
  6. Very good examples. Pictures do tell a thousand words.
  7. I have seen many varieties not only in Brutish tokens and coins but the civil war tokens. I have that sixpence with hearts i havent picked up the one witout hearts! They probably usenthe samemdies as was stated above thanks.
  8. Dont forget have all the fun you want. But NGC want the label back. Ask them. Its for accounting purposes. At one time they paid ten dollars credit form each one returned. And i could never understand you spend money good money and you turn around and bust them out. Send it back they do it for free. And they get there label. At least your not flying around in space like a.collectior i know!! Enjoy stay safe and stay on earth !
  9. The 2017 enhanced uncirculated set made for the mints anniversary broke out of thebgate and sold out in a day. Two daysblater they were flying ba xk. I like the coins you can buy this complete ten coin set for nothing today. I always wait. I sid on these but also knew a seller so i didnt have to waite to long. I found an artice on this set. What a mess. I mean large orders sent back. I put in my browser 2017 enhanced set. Read the article. Something went on. To the point there giving them away. Thanks Mike.
  10. Absolutly wonderdul coins. I have some beautys but dont know how to get them up. I picked up a Kempson token from the coventry set only its not written on the edge. Its written as unique on the auction ticket. Never seen one witout the edge writting! Onenof a kind is nice. Stay safe everyone stay inside look over your great sets and this to shall pass
  11. You do not judge these tokens on varities none were ever judge on modern coins there judged on there own merit. There beauty ,there detail the color.the proof like. The story behind them thats how there judged. On complete sets by die sinkers. One of the ones of George Washington MS 60 sold for.25,000 dollars. There also judged on grade. . They go for 40.00/up to thousands. They saved Britain from bankrupcy. They are a big oart of our hobby. Take care. Mike
  12. How about a big part of our hobby. Tokens. Civil War. And Condor tokens over 270 years old more beautiful than modern coins. Mine grade MS 63to MS 66 there are some Red Brown And Proof like. Like i said better than some modern coins and some very expensivs. I have a rare set 223 years old complete it would give some modern coins a run for there money. Why. Because you cant put a price on them. Look at the auctions!! Thanks Mike
  13. I have all the faith in you . I know the kids understand.i bet they keep your spirits up because they look up to you. You have done a terrificjob with them. Years from now they will talk about you. As you and them get older. So these are just set backs.Thats all they are. The events will go on. And all will be as it was before the virus. In collecting we have to change schedules. Others will have to reinvent there whole lives. We will survive the kidsnwill pick right up. Good luck my friend.
  14. I agree its late. However i collect on a budget no impulse buying. A good friend of mine convinced me that anything that comes from the mint will come down. He was right. I will not publish my price all i can say is he was right. I wated a few months they were still on ebay. Now i said i buy on a budget. But i buy smart. I bought that set very cheep from the prices that came down like a.rock rolling from a mountain. The longer you waite the the more they come down. The seller is getting new items to sell and wants old in vintorty gone. Thats the time to pull the trigger. Im very happy. The seller made his money on the early sellers. And its always good to have a friend as a seller. Mike