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  1. Thank you. I put a set together it took five years. It's 223 years old and There is 19 in the set. Yes some are very expensive. But I did it out of my love of collecting. It took Five years because there so old. Still haven't found another set raw or slabed it was strengths famished die sinker. P. Kemoson. One of the masters of the age. All done because I love coins and tokens. All are MS.Think about it 223 years old all MS. It's up on the Registry. Thanks for your comment. Mike
  2. I have sets I know would win. The point being I'm old very sick and I did it for the hobby. The Coventry set unsaid if and I mean if I ever college it I would donate to the hobby. To show all collectors if I can do it you can. And incompetent never give up. Thanks Mike
  3. Thank you my friend. I hold nothing about those who do well. I say congratulations they have the means I would do the same. I did mention Gary in my journal. His work on L. G. F. is spectacular. I have told him that in every comment. Himself and I put sets together for the love of the hobby. He told me I can still win with the Coventry set. I didn't understand. But five years if you read my introduction it was for the love of the hobby. I also studied Coventry tokens and all my time was in them. I love that set. No one yet in six years has said there is another completed set . My research was constant. You weren't there when I started it. A dealer sent me a book. I fell in love with the detail the history. Five years and two to find one. Everyone helped me. When I was down they said don't give up. And i did not. There are plenty of stories like mine I respect every one and every collector. Thanks for your comment it's always welcome. Mike
  4. No I dont. I'm in non competitive I did not want be involved . I believe these are for sets that people can aford.a set And spent allot of time putting them together. I have sets like that but my biggest accomplishment was my P.Kempson set from 1797. I believe it's the only complete set put together that was done by Kempson. A great die sinker and designer. It's 223 years old. All MS from 63 to 65. Some red brown some P.L.. Took five years to find five tokens all rare. But there tokens. And in the coin world don't look at them as coinage but they were. They saved a country from bankruptcy but there only thing is that some.cost allot of money. One took two years to find. So because there just tokens and then only known set I left them out. I don't think there eligible. Thanks for your help. Mike
  5. Thanks like I said I'm not involved . I did not known The public read them. As I said I wish them all well. It's to bad everyone can't win. We are a community of collectors. I didn't collect coins to win things but that's what they do. So i Will say thank you for your comment and good luck to those involved. I just collect my coins Happy Easter Mike
  6. Hi everyone. I new here. So I just learned about the awards. I have received many in my lifetime but never for journals or sets. You see I'm collector not a dealer. I don't sell any of my coins ,tokens,or medals. There for my kids. I chose non competitive sets. So that leaves.me out. One thing I don't understand do we collect the coins we like it are we now doing it for an awards.? I'm confused that's not hard for me. But I think it's more that we collect because we enjoy it it's in our blood and it's fun. I have learned history because of the research and I found everyone tells a story. I don't know the rules and at this point I don't think I want to. I know some collectors who have great collections and great sets. I do I have been collecting for twenty five years and enjoyed it all. Now this. A contest between collectors. What about this someone that is in non competitive section. Can not there sets be just as nice as those competing.? There in lies the problem. If your going to put us against each other then every worthwhile set.should be involved. Personally I don't see the differance. So we buy coins because we like them or they help you win something.? Well I think it's a good idea. I think that there are friends of mine who have won. They should of. My friend Gary has some.wonderful coins but didn't collect them to win something. He collected them because he loved the beauty of them. Those who have collected coins they love for a lifetime won't win. It's not a set it's a collection. Well I leave it at this. God Luck to all of you. I know.there are nice sets out there and i hope the best sets win. So go to it and may the best man or woman win. Pat
  7. When I first started slabing them. I now thank the Lord I stopped sending them to PCGS. What a hack job they did. Wrong D&H numbers they encircled the edge writing which determine rarity. They graded tokens that were a mess MS 64. I just spoke to a very popular auction house who has an auction in two dats you believe this but lot so and so we're probably slabed by PCGS Yes I was right. Yes I was. But that's the way they came by the seller. I suggested that if there records are all on a computer separate them. I bet you got higher bids on NGC. He said why. Simple. They know. More about them and they don't hand out MS. Thanks I think it's important were you send certain coins. Mike.

    Changing Our Coinage

    Yes being born in Ireland and coming through Ellis Island I know.well the history of the land of my birth. Yes we have fought in more ways than any other country. We also built cities. We are a war minded people. Centuries of it. Thank you.

    Senior Momentum!!!

    Well I'm basically new here and not familiar with this filter and what it means. If you can tell me back at the ANA in would appreciate my friend. I mean we went from a journal to all this talk about a filter. Ask me there is nothing wrong with the journal. He simply described something that happened with a coin. I found a two cent piece the next day. Is that a problem? Mike

    I Am Honored

    Well my good friend there is nothing more I can say except that more collectors learn more about L.G.F. Like we have from you. We were lucky to see them in your blogs. Like someone said you probably have the best collection and can hold your head high with the great honor you received.. It's to bad you slowed down but that time comes to all of us. I slowed down in October. It takes getting used to but now I really enjoy my coins and tokens. Thanks for teaching me so much about your great collection Mike
  11. I have up on Littleton coins my first year of collecting they will sell and buy anything. They have the highest price anywere. And they won't tell you it's be cleaned or details. I wouldn't sell them my socks but they would sell them . Thanks Mike lots of luck with those coins. Mike
  12. I hope it works.out well for you. Mine is stimuli going. It still has all the Silver proofs. I was happy when they brought a silver dime back every year. I'm hoping that will add to mine. When and if I well it. I wish you all the luck. Thanks. Mike
  13. My very first coin was in 1992. It was an elongated cent of the Nina one of Columbus ships. Bought it Coney Island. The other two were empty. It was an old fashioned one where you pull the handle.now there is a site for these. It list were every machine in our country. It's pennycollector.com. The mint should look at some.if the designs. Thanks for the memories. Mike
  14. Thanks for your response I'm so sorry I'm late. The main purpose of slaving is to protect them. If you have a few rare ones at the table anything can happen by accident. Then no longer desirable. Stains falls anything. Thanks for your comment Mike
  15. thank you. When you think that those who came before us protected the coins and tokens so that we may enjoy them. That makes it out responsibility to do the same for the future generations. Thanks for understanding. Some people just don't get it. Then they wonder what happened to my coins?