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  1. I think there wonderful. Very well done. I would of never seen them . I have been sick so I apologize for the long time making a comment. Great I will be more active and it made me feel great to see some of your collections. Mike


    That's not written in stone. Yes they mentioned it. But it goes against there Mission which I read.. You see the ANA mission is to educate about coinage the have classes they teach. The survive on donations. To pay out and put one collectors set against another is against there mission. It will cost money they need money. I would give it time. People.have all ready voices there opinion. NGC is a bussiness. We depend on donors. Thanks Mike
  3. Well if you have anything to do with it I know it will be a success. Philadelphia and the area around it have great shows. Forty tables you will be surprised what you will find. I wish you luck and success. Taken care of those kids!!! Mike
  4. Well like I said in the title I'm upset again with the mint. Now I know they have put out some wonderful coins. I can't say they haven't. But I just found out that in 2020 were going hunting again. Or should I say your going hunting. There doing the same thing with the 2020 quarters as they did in the flop of 2019. There is a spin. A privy mark celebrating the end of world war two. Now I followed last year very close. So far I believe four percent of last year's have been found.There are two thousand plus on sale on ebay. The prices falling lower. I can't see bothering. I learned if something fails the first time it will fail the second time that's how the mint works. I'm not going to get into all the aspects of this. But as a good man said they will be out there for years. The public if you were to take a quarter and ask them were is the mint mark you will here what's a mint mark? Now understand this was to get more people into the hobby. How can you do that when the public does not even know there is this great American Hunt. They don't know about mint marks and they don't care. I think it's good for the kids in the program but that's as far as I go. So out your sneakers on get ready for.April I couldn't even tell you what a complete set slabed goes for? There are none on ebay. I'm sure There are few. Get lucky I hope The kids do find them but for serious collector's I don't know. Enjoy Mike
  5. I don't think you will have a problem. Good things happen to good people. You are one of The nicest gentlemen I have met. Your knowledge of coins the work you do with The Pan kids. I will also pray. Keep up the good work we will all be pulling for you. Mike
  6. I have the same token. As a matter of fact I collect Condor Tokens. I put a P.Kempson set together the one from Warwickshire Coventry 19 tokens all grade from 63 to 66. I had a 65 saw a better token and upgraded. It's on this site as custom set. It took five years. They said I never will complete it a set from 1797. The last one two years. I searched every auction house in Britain I got most from Baldwin's Basement. Some are red brown and some are proof like I have a complaint Handels Reverse. More that have to be sent in. I have been asking everyone from Bill Mckivor on down. NGC does not know if a complete set. One auction house said They event seen one in ten years. I should of known that it was here in the U.S. I would like to know more of your collection. My God save the King is waiting to be sent out. I have them slabed for protection. The environment is changing every day and copper and bronze does not do well. Take care enjoy. Mike P.S. My set of Coventry is on this site under custom sets. There are forty more with tokens from all over Britain. I'm not in competition with any set. I'm to old.for that. I'm proud of what I did. Mike
  7. I enjoyed your Visio very much. It kept my interest that's hard to do. Keep them comming.
  8. Sometime it's hard but kind words always work than Mike
  9. I appreciate your kind words this are going slow but with a message like that it gets you moving thanks my friend
  10. Hi everyone. It's been a while but I have been very sick. Starting in May with surgery to six hours in September to six in December. I figure you have a right to know. First get P.C.G.S. out of here. There very liberal with there grading. Check the records. It's a disgrace. What I think is this is the first move in a take over by N.G.C. of P.C.G.S. They have had so many problems even giving our rewards to those who supposedly found The first W quarters. A cry of please send us your submissions. Now to conder tokens. I was shut down from May to January. Now it's time to start sending my conder tokens in. The first batch will be 17. All beautiful and I believe one that is unique. Some I will leave raw but protected. I had a discussion with another collector. He said I'm a pure collector. I said what's that. All mine are raw. I said that's all well and good. . However you haven't noticed that the environment is changing every day. You know of course the damage it can due to copper?. In a few years you will have all black tokens. No detail no color. If that's a pure collector count me out. They protected them for us we should do the same for future generatiins. Well I'm going to cut this short after all that time dealing with sickness after sickness I'm still weak. Watch there will be more on these art on copper tokens. Thanks and take care. Mike. .
  11. First Sir thank you for your service to our country. As to the Registry set I do have one PCGS token in one of my custom sets. I'm not looking to win any prizes. My main set very rare of 19 tokens is all NGC. I personally do not this completion between collectors. My beer is 223 years old and complete. Nineteen of the most beautiful tokens made by Peter Kempson. I learned more history from those19 than any other token. The research. Infantile I couldn't do it but it took five years inevitably there. I agree it your competing for an award your worthwhile befall NGC. That's simple enough. That's for sharing your opinion. Mike
  12. Hi Mike here. I collect coins from the Philippines. The 1945 D had two D D. One was the mint mark. The second was the complete reverse of the coin. Worse than the 55 cent. I ordered two rolls from a company. I liked the history behind them. Someone at the company didn't do there homework. When I opened the roll I could not believe my eyes. I sent one to the ANA. They were just as shocked as I was. No one had seen these.. One night I was watching two on Heritage House auctions. Someone herd of them. One sold for over four thousand and the other 3600.00. The one that sold for four thousand was a MS 67 so we're mine. The roll. I found one on eBay selling for eight thousand.The same grade. When I called Heritage House they said with mine there are less than thirty left. I'm still debating to sell now or later. By the way the employee was tired for not checking the rolls. There great coins. Thanks for those pictures and the journal. Mike
  13. That's what you call spreading the word. Simply by using the world. I can't think of something that would be more educational. Great idea. But then I think all your ideas are good..
  14. I was watching Rick Tomaska. I don't buy I watch for numbers. The truth is. In black and white .PCGS is very liberal with there grading. I could not believe those graded 70 compared to NGC.you want a true grade for your coin NGC. The percentages are unbelievable were not talking thirty more were talking hundreds more. That's why collectors send there coins to P.C.G. S. I was shocked.. The fact that Rick does not point that out is obvious. Just look. I'm sure you will see what a see. They grade higher. I have seen it with so many coins. When I send a coin to N.G.C I don't want the grade questioned later. First it doesn't make sense to argue them. You have the option of sending it in as many times as you like. Sometimes it will change. Most of the the time no. This is only what I have seen. Watch one night and when he holds up a sheet look at P.C.G S. And N.G.C.
  15. Then my friend if you look at my tokens. And read what in-store and you like detail. Then you might like these. The prices go from forty dollars and I have seen thousands. One sold from the Conder National Series MS 61 for twenty five thousand.. There detail is remarkable some of the die winners must of spent weeks making them. Take a look it can't hurt. Lots of luck on whatever you decide. Thanks. Mike