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  1. I say drop it . Friendship is more important than a label. I contacted Mr. Bowers and told him to drop the issue.. It's a shame when a label can interfere with friends. That showing happen it should never happen it's business not personal. I noticed a mistake and bright it to there attention.. They don't want to carry on any discussion that's fine with me. I thought I was doing the right thing. Just trying to right a wrong. That's all. So I can hold my head up for trying. Sometimes you just can't discuss with city hall. Thanks everyone for there support. But this issue is closed. I hope the other door opens again. Mike.

    The Forgotten Eagle

    My friend I have been collecting the set since it started. I love the different look of the Burnished coins. I was waiting for them to appear in 2018 it got to December. I knew the mintage would be low. As you see in the list it is the lowest. Now the problem is what is the mint going to do with the rest they ran out of time to sell . If there released the value will drop. So value being a part of collecting I hope they keep them. Thanks on a great underestimated set of beautiful egles. Mike.


    Hi and welcome. I have sets that could go on compatible sets but I chose custom. Any set has the capability of winning but I like to share my good coins before I learned about PCGS being the most liberal graders there are. Very big difference. That's why I stopped. Now the sets I have in NGCI can put into the competitive sets maybe I will. I don't no. It's up to you. Enjoy.
  4. It's a knock off. Is it in many price books?. It can it's run its course. What he's doing is back dooring for-profit . It a joke. So they found a die. Try and sell it Zero. Thats What there worth. In have heard of him and dismissed him as anything but a snake cure specialist. He is now misleading people and laughing all the way to the bank. No one can just got out and make American coinage. Yes he knows the rules and gets around them. Sorry I have to disagree with you . Next there will be a Dansco album for copied coins that's all they are. Mike.
  5. I Wasatch Rick Tomaska. The man is good. I don't buy from him I listen and learn. Last night tinkerers most interesting fact. For those who watch the show. He will goldmine sheet with mintages. Also is the grade and how many PCGS and NGC graded in a certain grade PCGS is the most liberal graders I have ever seen. Ten twenty thirty times higher than NGC. And its no secret the Smith didn't pick them as the best slabs. There putting three hundred of our most famous and expensive coins in NGC slabs. They tested them for everything. Watch the show once and learn who's given out the higher grades. For money. Mike
  6. Ok I wrote this blog I am sorry I did. First the coins cost nothing. Then what are they doing putting them into the Red Book grading companies. By this it money a money maker for the companies and the sellers. I can't serch for them because I'm disabled. The amount of time it takes to get each coin out is crazy. We will be looking for years for these. When I saw first week of issue. That's not a collector that's a seller. The longer there out there the more they get beat up. So go to all the banks. They stopped giving out boxes some time now. They were constantly ordering from the fed. And guess who got two. I did from my wife's laundry money. I refuse to pay for something that cost nothing. That doesn't make sense. I'm getting tired of these games. This was supposed to be to bring more people to the hobby. Ask anyone in the street what a mint mark is. They will think your nuts. Take care there is one 68 everything else just drop like a rock. The graders make money and we out. Mike
  7. All you have to do is buy a pocket scale you can take it anywhere a good one is 20.00. And get a copy of Red book it will tell you the different weights. There easy to use and will help you allot Mike
  8. I have to go with NGC. We can argue grades all day long. Yes a few have been changed if you want to spend the money evertime. But the Smithsonian Institute tested the slabs. NGC came out the best in every category. Then they placed three hundred of our most famous coins and expensive coins in NGC holders. That's very important.Put them in a holder not up to par your grade will fall. I have coins in my safe. In twenty five years raw or holders none toned. Until I noticed last week. The only coin that toned in part of it was in a PCGS holder. Nothing else. That should tell you something since I don't like toning. Somehow air got in that holder and it's an ugly tone. It's on a five ounce coin from 2010 America The Beautiful Set. That bothers me the others are beautiful and have that wonderful finish thanks PCGS. Thanks for your journal.
  9. I believe they did all this because Coin World reported that collectors have dropped over five percent in the last year. That's a big loss in money. So they came out with these gimmicks and the tell flat. Thanks.
  10. Thanks for your opinion my friend. I agree the population knows nothing and were not told good anything. In my blog I said what you said.Over the years we will find them. What a waste of our ten million dollars. They could of given it to me. Take care
  11. Hi everyone. I have been out of commission for a while. But I'm back just allow me some time. Let's me ask you what do you think of this wonderful progarm? I will tell you what I think. It's simple it failed. The mint in West point has been making our coinage from the 1970 's till present day there were no mint marks.. How can they with all there knowledge pack a cent than didn't stay in the packaging. They made billions of cents and put them in the mintages of the other mints. Now they make a nice proof. A nice reverse. And a lot of junk in a regular cent. Some grades are MS 67 all the way to MS 69. I'm sorry a handful of 70's. This of course was to benefit our hobby and get maybe new members. Well the general population does not collect. It was of course to up sales in those three sets. What it did was make millions for those at ebay. If you look at that way it worked fine. My first cent was destroyed. None of mine was in the packaging. I called immediately and was told they would call Texas were the fulfilment center is located and ask them and tell them to change the packaging.. A piece of tape maybe? Nothing and not the first call. So the last coin in MS 70 is selling for thousands of dollars ten thousand if it's P.L. Well I can't explain it. I'm on NGC side with this one. They had every right to grade that cent the way it was. Did you ever watch how they load a truck ? They throw it in our comes the cent and the damage starts. Now the prices have dropped out and will continue to. The wonderful Quarter program. I'm disabled and was not expecting any. My wife found two at different times. Guess which one. Lowell. Both of them. Take a walk through eBay and you will see a tiny few on the American Memorial Park, Maybe three of the War in The Pacific.. I know where they are. I found the secret. There in circulation. The public was not made aware of this. But both programs were to bring more people to the hobby which has lost five percent of collectors in the last year. Ask a friend what is a mint mark.? Good question for Jepordary. There getting beat up and with that there grades will drop. I think in the next few years as will see more. A friend of mine went to the bank and asked for a box of quarters and was told I'm sorry we can't give you a few rolls. No wonder there are no new boxes on ebay. It took time but they were over crowed for the first one. Not the second or third. So this has not worked except those on ebay who have more Lowell quarters they can sell. I'm sorry but I think this attempt failed. I understand the thought behind it but I don't think it's working. I wish it would have i really do. Collectors are out there at banks, Wells Fargo ,Credit Unions. There coming up empty. There is one blog at the ANA about someone finding one or two. It was written by me. There have thousands of people who have access to the site. One blog. I'm not saying anything about the program it was great they put ten million into circulation that was very generous of them to do it. I honestly wish and still hope it works. The fun is in the hunt. So keep looking you will find them. Or they will find you in my case. This can still work but I had to tell both sides. Tell your friends and neighbors what to look for. Tell them it might be worth money!! Let's get something out of this . My motto is never give up and it should be yours. It does feel that way. But it doesn't have to be that way. Thanks for reading and please keep.looking. And tell people.what to look for them maybe they will give it to you. Take care and keep your eyes open. Thanks Mike.

    A much better photo

    I like the Franklin Series. I have almost all but none of mine are toned. I'm not a fan of it. I get my coins weigh them buy from my friends who are sellers. Now I know your not going to believe this but in twenty five years I never , never had a coin tone on me. I don't know why. One I like it if there lightly toned. I have thirty Morgan's nothing. I keep them in great protection. In also keep them in a safe maybe that's it. This one is not bad I like the blues in it and you can still see the details. Great coin I enjoyed it. Some day one will turn. Thanks for the great shot. Mike
  13. I'm new to all this. I'm at the age were I just want to collect a few things. I put up two sets in the non competitive sets.. I have done this for twenty years it's been a long journey and they all start with the first step. I'm not taking steps anymore but I love the history I learned in college and what the coins and tokens taught me over the years.. I want to leave a legacy to my boys I have done that with some collections we all want to leave something for our daughters and sons. I have done that. Yes I stopped collecting about a year now I miss it terribly. The coins ,tokens the collectors the friends. This hobby has taught me character and respect. I will keep in going the way I am. It's been a lifeline for me some of you will know what I mean. If I had to do all over again I would do it the same way. Why simply because it only helped me this way. There is no other way. I'm grateful to all my friends and fellow collectors . You guys and gals are the best. I have slowed down because of illness but just that slowed downown. I still learn everyday. Nothing wrong with that. I will increase my activity in this site. Because this is were I belong. Coins and tokens. Keep collecting and keep learning. Thanks everyone. Mike
  14. That's the way to do it. Congratulations and enjoy them. They will give you great enjoyment!! Mike