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  1. I was watching Rick Tomaska. I don't buy I watch for numbers. The truth is. In black and white .PCGS is very liberal with there grading. I could not believe those graded 70 compared to NGC.you want a true grade for your coin NGC. The percentages are unbelievable were not talking thirty more were talking hundreds more. That's why collectors send there coins to P.C.G. S. I was shocked.. The fact that Rick does not point that out is obvious. Just look. I'm sure you will see what a see. They grade higher. I have seen it with so many coins. When I send a coin to N.G.C I don't want the grade questioned later. First it doesn't make sense to argue them. You have the option of sending it in as many times as you like. Sometimes it will change. Most of the the time no. This is only what I have seen. Watch one night and when he holds up a sheet look at P.C.G S. And N.G.C.
  2. Then my friend if you look at my tokens. And read what in-store and you like detail. Then you might like these. The prices go from forty dollars and I have seen thousands. One sold from the Conder National Series MS 61 for twenty five thousand.. There detail is remarkable some of the die winners must of spent weeks making them. Take a look it can't hurt. Lots of luck on whatever you decide. Thanks. Mike
  3. My friends. I'm sorry I have been away from the site. I have had a run of bad luck. Surgery in May and I broke my hip a month and a half ago. So with rehab it's been tough.. I have written allot about these little gems. That's what they are. Underrated here in the United States. Well some.if our coins are underrated. I want to change that. Why kids and collectors are missing out on some of the most beautiful tokens you ever saw. Recently someone read my writings and decided to write an article. If it gets published that will be good for the hobby. If not it won't help it. All I ask is that you look at them. I think you will be surprised. I was when I first saw them. You might like them and you might not. That's the hobby. We collect what we like. I will be keeping this short. Those of you who have commented I thank you. I will be sending more to NGC. My art on copper. When I get them back I will post them with the others. So let's hope this gets published. Not for me. I'm old and tired. But for the good of the hobby. That's what I care about. That others will learn like I did about all sorts of coins,medals and tokens. They have so much to do with history it's remarkable. So take care enjoy collecting and keep this hobby going. Thanks . Mike
  4. I'm one that has nothing to worry about. I'm in the non competitive section.
  5. Gary as usual excellent coins and write up. You know I collect Brutish coins and I think I have maybe two did breaks. I guess it all depends on the coins and planchects there using at the time. Thanks. Always interesting.
  6. Great coin and price. However what you heard about the grading company is very true. I stopped using them years and years ago. Enjoy
  7. Hello my friend long time. I have been in and out of hospitals. Recovering from a broken hip. I hope your doing fine. Now you looked at my Conder tokens. Those pictures are taken with my phone. I hold the token up to the picture of the phone. If it's not accurate I dump it. Now NGC grades these. When it says red brown the picture must be the same as the token. Some are dark. Sure I could alternate it. But why.? Allot of people.do it. If I was to send my set to an auction house along with the pictures there would be no trouble. NGC says proof like. That picture better show it. If it says red it better be read. Some tokens I have taken 10 to 15 pictures till they match. I tell people all the time do not alter your pictures. Your fooling yourself and collector's. Not right. You will get caught. I go thru eBay and I tell the sellers sorry there are no orange tokens. They make them better than they were i was glad to see your name up there. You will do fine. Thanks for writing Mike.
  8. They have a site here that tells you were every machine is in every state in the U.S. Some are the old fashion ones were I put my own cent in and pull the handle. The new ones you get what they program. There are many collectors of these and plenty of books to put them in. Enjoy them. They tell your family travels.
  9. Hi Gatrjy. I did read about the Worlds Fair of Money and it was great. I enjoyed it very much. I can't after all that don't believe they did not give you the cent. Somethings never chqnge. Good for you my friend.
  10. Very well said.. People loose there patients over maybe a grade or a wrong label and the filth that come out of there mouth with the people who are trying to help them. Wrong. Very wrong.
  11. Every customer should read your comment. Cursing at woman I don't care if it's a cent of a forty thousand dollar coin.you just don't do it. I think it's time for NGC to review a situation like this and protect there employees.
  12. Well that's the way it should be. You are a gentleman so am I . We treat people witkh resoect. To curse and scream foul language Gary at a woman or man I don't know what I would do except say lucky he's lucky he moved. Uncalled for. Total disresoect. That's Sir. Mike

    NCS candidate

    No I was just saying they cleaned one for me and it made my grade higher that's all . I said I don't know what coin that is. But if it's a chocolate coin I would grade it good 4.
  14. Hi Mike here. I am a member of the ANA. You every get a chance to call NGC customer service. I have many times. And every time they take time to help me out. I call for a problem I may be having with a coin. Every time they take care of it. There all very good and all very nice and very knowledgeable. I don't call because of a grade because they don't grade. They will tell you what to do it you have that problem. I don't call because it was improperly cleaned but they will tell you what they can do and what can't be done. I heard a story from a friend of mine upset because of the way his coin came back. He told me I told them of. So I asked I real hard question . Why? They have nothing to do with your problem. There job is to get you the information on how to solve the problem. Usually after a show that's when this happened. I said what did you expect the girl to do fly out and fix your coin? I got a low grade. I said then it probably deserved it. Without calling I know to send it back. You can send it back as many times as you want. Or they missed a double die.Who the girl you were talking to? I told him there job is to get you the proper information to solve the problem. What does yelling and cursing get you make you feel better. Ever think how they feel taken your abuse. I would hang up they dont. If you don't understand there job and how many calls they get a day then you will get nothing solved. I was told you always get more with honey. I was mad at him using foul language at a woman in this case but also a man . That won't get your problem solved. And you know what with your being rotten I bet she still tried to get your coin to the right people to solve your little problem. In life mistake happens. So we call to get it fixed. There calls are recorded. If you used foul language and yelled at me I would hang up. If you called back i would ask the supervisor to listen to the tape. If she's right the way you treated her I as a supervisor would say call us back when you need some help have a nice day. Now whats so hard about that. You have a problem fine. Speak nice thats when you will get an answer to where they can send your coin to get checked again. But I have to say this is a business . I knew someone who sent his coin back five times. Yelled screamed every time. After the fifth time he received his coin back with the same grade. Now what did that cost you. Sometimes there is no charge based on the problem. There's to much of this it has to stop. These people work hard all day they don't need your ranting an carrying on. It solves nothing. So next time put yourself in there seat and listen to the filth and screaming. Remember there people working trying to help you. Sometimes the department will not change their minds it's not there fault. So next time try a little honey than vinger. I told my friend off but good. Funny he didn't like it. This is for the Men And Women who work so hard. Thanks guys. Mike