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    Upgrade or new addition to the collection?

    I saw that picture on the ANA blog. It so easy here I will have a heart attack. I have up touch the wrong key it's gone. So when singing is up I don't brearhbonih


    A truly great man. How he died penniless was the first crime. The second was not given the credit he deserved for all his work . But the biggest is the government standing behind the rights to seeing what they confiscated. You see the government was very sharp when the made the Freedom of Information Act. There's a line that states if something can be interpreted as a danger to American Sequirety then it can't be released. Welcome to the free wold. Thanks Mike

    British Tokens of The 18th Century.

    I'm in non competitive to old for ribbons custom sets there are two. The very rare Kempson set of Coventry and British tokens of the 18th century. The detail is remarkable. It's not on the Beta side there not finished with tokens and medals yet. Mike Byrne

    Conder Collectors - Post Your Images

    Hi Mike I'm new here but I have been active with the ANA. I have posted my tokens. Conder. A complete set of P Kempson Coventry set. All 19 in MS condition. I just started a set posting other Conder tokens I put up twelve but will be adding to it . I don't believe in slabs or grades but a complete Coventry set has to be protected. It took five years of people.looking in auction houses all over England and the U.S. Hundreds of sites in the U.S. And two years to find one to complete it. Now that's with people checking shows. The big sellers all keeping there eyes out. Nothing. Finally in England found one. Maybe two. And two years for one . The auctioneer said he had not seen any in ten years . All my Conder tokens are protected there graded but I can't stop that the entire set is MS 63 to 65 Red brown and a Proof like. Can't find another set. Even have Handel reverses. So if you have time take a peek. Mike

    Deleted grades

    Did they get them back to you? Mike

    Old Green Rattlers

    Send them to NGC . I would of sent them in the old green Rattler I have a few there still working great. If i was I wouldn't break them out they have the crossover break it out so no damage to the coin and regrade it.. I have heard horror stories of breaking them out. Play it safe. NGC. I still like mine. The coins have kept there color so I leave them. But the glory of this hobby is as so what we want. What we collext. So go with your felings. I never tell anyone what to do with there coins and never will. Take care and lots of luck. Mike

    Why our spouses usually shouldn’t buy our collectables…

    I have no problem with that my wife hates coins. She even brought home change which I always check. I see the sheets on a cent turn it over great shape showed my wife the Deluxe Red Hook and told her this will gradebhigh. The return might be worth it. They only made 866000 that's right a 1931 S in great condition. Someone had to break a set. She said so what. In said you won't be saying that when I go to that vault in the sky. Then she will love them thanks Mike.

    Met Another Society Member and Other Updates

    I would love to meet up with just one person. I am homebound to go a a very far disability. Now I live in a city with 250,000 to 300,000 people living here. No I can't get out anyway but there is not one club I checked with the ANA. A few stores far away. So there is no shows. It's like I'm all alone. I crave human contact just to sit and have a cup of coffee and pick each other's brains on this great hobby. Maybe someday. If my Doc ever gives me the ok to fly again which I don't see happining.. I believe I will see my fellow collectors at an ANA So Now or any show. Take care thanks for sharing that. Mike

    Which Auction Houses???

    I found an auction house called Davidson's no charge to the buyer. They sell ancients up But mostly world coins. If you his 120 that's what you pay except shiping. Lately they have been selling American coins. I would say most of there coins at in A/U to MS. So give it a look the American coins are usually older coins. Enjoy the hobby .Mike

    Upgrade or new addition to the collection?

    Hi how are you? I'm still learning this site and splitting my time between here an the ANA. There it is much easier to post a picture. I didn't know you had auctions . That's how the whole Coventry set was done. I'm retired also since 1995. An 82 year old man was to that driving a big truck and hit me in my company car. Ended a wonderful career. Of course my house and salary was gone. So I have been collecting on a budget. So I know what you mean when you want to buy one or two. The Coventry set was done in five years but not for lack of money. I just couldn't find them So I said I'm not buying anything unless I really like it and it catches my eye. This allowed me to save and believe it or not the other coins I wanted were still there.We say buy what you like. Find a workable budget cut some corners and you still can do it. I know you can we all can. Never buy anything just out from the mint. We had the Apollo 11 set come out the retailers went nuts with prices they have already dropped. So you wait. I bought a set of that series that sold out immediately. There was a reverse clad done for the first time in a Kennedy coin clad no less. I found one on eBay good seller I check the all out. With a great price. Some are charging 299.00 for the one coin. So that's how I shop. Budget, coin,mintage, how long before they drop, and I check all my sellers I have had for years. So keep going we retire but we don't die. You like it just get more selective. Good luck . Mike

    British Tokens of The 18th Century.

    Well I sent an answer before I'm new so bear with me. These tokens like our civil war tokens saved a nation. They were much bigger than ours and the variety is unbelievable. The die sinkers set very talented and they go from forty dollars up to tens of thousands. There much bigger and detail was very important so much that collectors collected them.Kempson in my opinion was one of the best along with many others and everyone tells a story. At the ANA when I write a blog I always include a picture of what they look like today. Like the Bank of London. Now the set I put together is an actual set I didn't make it up. That's why it took five years to finish. I believe and many others also many of the experts it is the only set left that is completed. It is one of a kind. I followed the books to the letter right now I'm having a hard time keeping 272 up there I have asked for help. There are 19. Not 18. Enjoy them and the detail. Thanks Mike

    British Tokens of The 18th Century.

    Well I know these are not big in the hobby simply because there tokens. They have played a big part in history. So I decided to pass on some information. The impossible set five years made me physically sick. So I had to share it with as many collector's to see not collect . We never ever tell anyone what to collect. Not only important but some are very pricey. But the cheaper ones are nice also. There much bigger than our civil war tokens . The mintages are somewhere in the ball park. They have ones very few. I have one of Queen Victoria only four made. Most of the designs were made of the actually places some of sketches but very accurate. There exciting and there different. I just want to share them. They will stay in the family. Thanks for the interest. Mike

    British Tokens of The 18th Century.

    Hi fellow collectors. Well some.of you are saying there he goes again with these tokens. There is a reason for this. Like myself I know.many of you have never heard of these. Now.They made thousands of these. Some with large mintages some.with very low. By the way they were measured by ton. Not as individual tokens. There is a token I just read about only sixteen were made. The current bid is over a thousand but will go hover before the auction.. Now I just put up a set of twelve. Remember the difference I said before the Brutish way of grading does not use the Sheldon scale. Now. MS 65 here is classified as is in England. That means like it just came of the die.. That's why a MS 62 to 65 here is worth more in England than here. However to get that grade is hard. Your dealing with tokens from the 1700's. This new set i will add into one two every two weeks or so. I don't want to put to many up at one time. I haven't even al my comments up . In was extremely tired. NGC gets all of the credit for there help. Now you will see MS 66 ,65, proof likes penny's and half penny's. The penny's are the size of half a dollar and broke many dies.. So you learn to appreciate them more. Now you just don't look at one and say this will grade a MS. There are many A/U that are just as beautidul. Why a little where will drop them down that's is far beyond me. These tokens are just as good as a MS. You can tell I'm American because I'm talking MS and A/U. Never in Britain. I use those terms because many send them in hoping for a good price. Again we don't care if it's Uncirirculaded that's all we are about. I wish they would just slab them without a grade to preserve the color and the detail. I was taught buy the coin not label. Well if your looking at a piece of coal and the label says MS 65 what's the point. You want to see the art one copper. You want to see the different parts of the British Isles. They were made in Ireland ,Scotland ,every were that Flag flew they made them. That's the beauty of them. Famous Abbey Cathedrals people buildings that have been standing for hundreds of years. These are the tokens I'm talking about. A school teacher in class. Farms and different equipment of the day. Wool and looms yes sheep were a large part of the economy. These are tokens. All different all beautiful and to this day I have seen them in MS 67. You dnt get that grade in modern coins. That's the Brutish token. We're lucky they took such great care of them. We must do the same. We must pass on this part of our hobby history. They took care of them for us how about future generations. Yes we owe it to them also. So take a peek you just might like what you see. Enjoy them like I do. Not only as art but as the history of a country. Thanks Mike.

    Collecting Coin,Tokens,Medals

    Thank you my friend. I'm glad you enjoy them . It was because of the blogs I wrote when I would pick one up. Not enough collectors don't know enough about them you bought a book and looked into them. Bought the book before the token I always say. Some don't know there missing out on a special part of our hobby. That's why books are written about them. It makes me feel good when someone likes what they choose to collect. You did it the right way no impulse buying. You learned about them first. That's the definition of a good collector. Thanks and enjoy them Mike

    Collecting Coin,Tokens,Medals

    Thanks for your comment. One of the great collectors Newman said.il never collect medals. I think that was his only mistake if it's true. I found a sleeper a medal in Heritage it said the range was 750. I saw the name of the artist and said I heard of him. So I looked it up he was famous for doing European Cathederals. There was one bid. So I placed one woke up and won. I couldn't be live one in for such a small price but when I checked the cert number sure enough that's what it was worth in that grade it was of Westminster Abbey. And absolutely gorgeous. Everyone I showed it to loved it. Then I picked up the famous Centennial Exposition medal. Another rare an expensive one I stole. Medals are part of our hobby weather the rich like them or not I buy and you should buy what you like. Doesn't matter what it is. Medals can just catch your breath. Don't have a collection of them but if one that I see catches my eye who knows.Collect what makes you happy and you will enjoy your collection. By the way most of Kempson and Skidmore are Medelets. Just thought you should know.Mike.