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  1. That is an amazing looking coin, especially since it's not graded!
  2. I'm not sure here - are world coins acceptable? :-)
  3. A great coin, and the NGC grading sticker is cool, too - never seen that before! So I gather they don't always have to put a coin in their own holder when submitted for grading, or was the sticker already on the holder when you bought it?
  4. Love those labels that show a star - so cool!
  5. Nice history, very interesting to learn!
  6. The first coin I ever bought because of the toning, which I'm still learning about.
  7. Congratulations on being published, and especially on the coin auction win! We've just gotten to know Heritage in the past 9 months. Not only is it fun to "win" coins there, the site has such a wealth of knowledge (a couple decades worth) to glean about the prices that folks have paid for coins you're interested in -- so you can really get good ideas about how much you might have to pay to obtain the coin, not only through Heritage auctions but other places you could purchase as well.
  8. Thanks for sharing the knowledge, Mr Coinbuf, I appreciate it! And that's a beautiful penny! :-)
  9. So, sometimes you can take a coin out of the holder and have it more available to handle, if you like? How do you "crack" it out? (if I should ask this kind of question elsewhere, just let me know, I'm learning)
  10. Thanks to all for your compliments as I get to know this forum (and coin collecting in general), and for the previous explanations of what should "follow" each post - now I think I understand!