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  1. I know this is probably a DDO. It is a 2008P dime not listed, but it is so strong it may even actually be TDR. It is strong on the date, and really strong on the motto. There may be a bit on the eye too. Here are some images:
  2. I actually have the cherrypickers guide. I checked... it didnt have it. I checked wexlers... it didnt have it. Im looking specifically on the "N" in "IN," all of liberty, especially the "L," And right above the beard... And the mintmark looks repunched when I look at it with a loupe. Ill take a picture with the loupe on all of these and see if it is more visible for about what I'm thinking this is... Thank you!!!
  3. Again you will need to zoom in
  4. I can see it with a loupe better, but my phone isnt at like the 365k resolution our eyes are at Again you will probably need to zoom in
  5. Again you will probably need to zoom in...
  6. You will need to open the image and zoom in.
  7. Is this variety of the 1999 spitting horse variety valuable?
  8. You're going to have to zoom in to see many of them.
  9. I have many different coins that I have checked on wexlers varieties (the site) and they are all ddo/ddr. Im wondering how much they are.
  10. I also found yesterday a ddr-082 of the homestead and a ddr-001 of the cumberland gap. Any of those worth keeping?
  11. its still a double die that should be kept right?
  12. I found a 2015 homestead quarter ddr-008 and I was wondering the value. If it is like 100 on average or 10 dollars on average. In the average condition of a 2015 quarter, what would the value be? Thank you!!!