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  1. Just momentarily disappointed.
  2. Are wheel marks a severe enough flaw to disqualify a coin from receiving a grade? They should be treated as a scratch and reduce the grade of the coin. I feel cheated by NGC’s policy of assigning “Details” classification to coins with wheel Marks from counting machines. I wonder what PCGS does with wheel marks?
  3. I’ve had several coins come back from Certification with “Wheel Marks” and “Reverse Wheel Marks” being noted as the reason for giving the coin an “Uncirculated Details” grade. Where do these marks come from? Are they an attempt to clean the coin? I never heard of this critique before. Did these Marks get caused by the coin counters at the mint? I can’t sell a coin with a “Details” grade. Very frustrating to pay for grading and conservation fees, only to get a coin that I cannot sell.
  4. The order #’s are: 4730008 has been scheduled for grading since 4/10/19. 4732307 has been grading since 5/1/19. I received an email, suggesting that two coins in the order should be conserved. I replied that the order requested conservation of all coins in the order. Subsequently, I was billed for the conservation of two coins. The order appears to have fallen through the cracks of the normal conservation/grading progression. Please follow up on these two orders and get them moving again. Thank you, kind NGC staffers.
  5. I wrote a detailed message on the “Newbie” forum. I was told that its a waste of time posting for help on that forum. I have posted for help on this forum in the past and a nice lady named Lisa helped me out.
  6. Can you please check the status of order # 4730008. It has been in "scheduled for grading" status for over 5 weeks, since 4/10/19. I also have an order, 4732307, that has been in "Grading" status since 05/01. This order should have initially been sent to NCS for cleaning, but for whatever reason, it went to grading status without going to NCS. I got an email suggesting that two of the coins should be cleaned by NCS. I responded that the entire order should have been cleaned. Subsequently, I was billed for the conservation of two coins from the order. There are a total of six coins in the order
  7. Thanks everyone for the info. I think I knew the copper edge part from way back in 65. Really good to know the layered info about black and brown and white. Now I gotta get out my JFK album and do some checking.
  8. How can you tell the difference between the clad and the silver Kennedy proofs?
  9. Thank you Lisa. My order ,4726717, has changed to finalized/shipped status and my coins are in the verification database.
  10. Once again, I thank you for your efforts on my behalf.
  11. Well, two weeks has gone by and my first order has still not shipped. I received pictures of the graded coins at the beginning of this past week. Do you hold one order so you can ship multiple orders together? Please check on order invoice 4726717 to verify status. Thank you.
  12. You guys are so slow at getting coins graded, you should rebate everyone to economy price. I’m paying for early bird service of two weeks. You have had my submission for a month and its still in grading status. How are you going to make this up to me and the rest of your customers? My faith in you is shaken!
  13. Thanks for the good information.
  14. Thanks for your reply Bob & Dave. Next question, of course, do the die polishing lines detract from a grade the same as ordinary old hairline scratches?